All About Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical keyboards are probably the first keyboards that people picture when they envision keyboards; they’re the thick, old-fashioned, and futuristic keyboards of the 1980s. However, a more appropriate definition is that mechanical keyboards (also called Alps keyboards) are actually made using high-quality full-motion plastic key-switches underneath each of their keycaps. This change in the physical components has led to a radical improvement in the quality of keyboards, which is apparent in their cost and lifespan. Mechanical keyboards have the added advantage of providing a better feel than other types of keyboards for users who like a heavier, more solid feel while typing. They also provide greater macro versatility and advanced programming options. With all these features and more, did you ever consider buying an authentic mechanical keyboard from a reputed online store?

These days, it’s easier than ever to find a large selection of high-quality mechanical keyboards and key switches online. Shopping for a mechanical keyboard and key switch doesn’t have to be a hassle anymore when you find such an expertly crafted product right online. When you shop online, you can find a huge variety of high-end products including but not limited to Cherry MX, ALPS, buckling spring, and Gateron buckling spring designs. You can choose from different varieties of mechanical keyboards based on your preference.

If you prefer gaming, then a full set of tactile key-switches would be more appropriate. For example, if you’re into strategy games, then heavy action and strategic elements are important in your play. With the presence of an extensive range of tactile gaming keyboards, you can choose among different layouts – some light-weight and some with loud, rich sound effects. The most popular choice among hardcore gamers is the Kinesis Kinetic Force, which sports a rubber-click body that’s extremely tactile and responsive.

But if you prefer a light-weight mechanical keyboard, then perhaps a membrane switch might be suitable for you. It has the advantage of lower actuation force, which enables more comfortable and customized keystroke and key-switches feel. Its light weight also helps prolong the lifetime of the product. Some membrane mechanical keyboards even feature an increased tactile sensitivity, when pressed, and rapid actuation force.

In order to provide you with better typing experience, some membrane mechanical keyboards also come with an audible warning sound, similar to an on/off switch. This is great news for those who are very sensitive to loud noises and sudden changes in the ambient environment. These audible warning sounds make the typing experience more enjoyable for the majority of users. The sounds are customizable and can be turned off if you prefer.

One thing more that you should know about these types of keyboards is that they don’t use USB ports for additional keystrokes. This feature makes them much easier to use than their membrane keyboard ancestors. Because of the lack of USB port, these newer types of keyboards require the user to memorize one keystroke and then press that key multiple times to perform more functions. Mechanical keyboards with extra large arrow keys are also a nice feature to consider.

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