A complete Guide of Android OS Versions with Names

     Every Smartphone users known well about the Android, it is the world’s most popular mobile platform has the best operating software. It has become one of the major factors in modern trends which are presently owned by Google limited. As per the public demand, android

5 Powerful Strategies to Increase Your Google Adsense Revenue in 2018

     Among all online jobs, AdSense is the best way to earn some extra revenue for bloggers, Webmasters and web developers. But extracting money from AdSense is really tough for the beginners, after you get expertise in the blogging, you won’t go to the other way.

Top 10 Most Useful Subreddits on Reddit in 2018

     Reddit is a wealth of communities that are closely related to your niche. Becoming an active member in these communities who spend time is a great way to learn about your audience and engage them on a regular basis. Here in this article i will

Top 10 Google Drive Tips & Tricks You Should Know.

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage service for spreadsheets, documents and images. Google Drive is making finding your documents a lot easier and faster by unleashing the full power of the Google search engine. There are many hidden features like we would not recommend using Google Drive

Best Free Alternatives for Google Keyword Planner Tool

     While creating high quality content, KEYWORD is important. Related keyword will determines the success and failure of any content. It is the highlighting the content and mainly gaining the traffic to your website. While choosing the keyword, less data is essential, where the visitors will

Effective Ways to Improve Your Cell Phone Signal at Home

     If you live out in the countryside or in apartments, you may have issues receiving cellular service indoors. Towers in rural areas are spread further apart, and the further you are from a tower, the weaker the signal. In Urban areas have a high number

List of Innovative Business Ideas with Low Investment for Beginners

     Even we are working in the IT industries, We want to earn the side income from the small-scale businesses respect the risks that come with working for yourself. Then it is a perfect time to explore some of those business ideas that don’t need a

Recover Deleted Photos & Videos from Android without Root

     One of the troubling issues in the Android devices is data loss issue. You may have saved a batch of important and precious files like e messages, contacts, audio files, video files, notes, pictures, graphics, wall papers, themes etc. and many more on your Android

8 Essential Smartphone Accessories you Should Have

     Most phones are inbuilt with Bluetooth but not with a wireless speaker. Likewise smartphone has lot of limitations. Here in this article I will give you the list of smartphone accessories that will helpful way to be more productive. Essential Smartphone Accessories you Should Buy:

How to Earn Money on Your Instagram Account

     Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks with photo and video posts. And most of the people have so many followers and many want to upload selfies and snapshots, to follow celebrities, fun videos in fun way to the productive. If you have

How to Identify a Fake Facebook Profile using These 6 Tricks

     Facebook is the powerful social media where young generation spends most of their time there. There are more than 80 million active fake Facebook profiles circulating among the real ones. Few people created who forgot their credentials and created another account. It is hard to

Top 5 Free Weather Checking Apps for Android

     Just as with our Android Phone weather apps, being able to check in on the forecast can help you plan your day. These apps can also help you prepare for storms or to see what conditions are like at a travel destination. Whether avoiding tornadoes,