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Top 10 Most Useful Subreddits on Reddit in 2018

     Reddit is a wealth of communities that are closely related to your niche. Becoming an active member in these communities who spend time is a great way to learn about your audience and engage them on a regular basis. Here in this article i will

Top 10 Google Drive Tips & Tricks You Should Know.

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage service for spreadsheets, documents and images. Google Drive is making finding your documents a lot easier and faster by unleashing the full power of the Google search engine. There are many hidden features like we would not recommend using Google Drive

Effective Ways to Improve Your Cell Phone Signal at Home

     If you live out in the countryside or in apartments, you may have issues receiving cellular service indoors. Towers in rural areas are spread further apart, and the further you are from a tower, the weaker the signal. In Urban areas have a high number

List of Innovative Business Ideas with Low Investment for Beginners

     Even we are working in the IT industries, We want to earn the side income from the small-scale businesses respect the risks that come with working for yourself. Then it is a perfect time to explore some of those business ideas that don’t need a

How to Earn Money on Your Instagram Account

     Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks with photo and video posts. And most of the people have so many followers and many want to upload selfies and snapshots, to follow celebrities, fun videos in fun way to the productive. If you have

Top 5 Free Weather Checking Apps for Android

     Just as with our Android Phone weather apps, being able to check in on the forecast can help you plan your day. These apps can also help you prepare for storms or to see what conditions are like at a travel destination. Whether avoiding tornadoes,

6 Best PayPal Alternatives for Your Online Payments

     Apart from bank slips, credit or debit cards or even bank deposits, a wide range of online payments are available for users. PayPal is the most popular online payment method which is more comfortable to transfer money to abroad easily. Users will only need to register for a valid

Proven Methods to Remove Shortcut Viruses Permanently

     Shortcut virus attack automatically when a USB drive or SD card is inserted and auto-run is turned on. Shortcut virus is a very harmful virus that does converts most of our important programs to shortcut folder icon and keeps the original content hidden.  The first

Best Free Websites to Create Cartoon Characters of Yourself.

     Stop boring your friends by uploading the boring normal pictures of yours in Facebook, Instagram, twitter and Whatsapp!! Everyone loves cartoon. It is time to attract your friends by turning your normal picture to interesting, comic and funny cartoon picture. For cartoonify your picture, you

Things to Know Before Choosing a Web Hosting Plan

     Whenever you start a new Website/Blog you will need to find a web host provider and a domain seller.  There are huge amount of web hosting services available in the internet. As the fresher it is the hard process to choose the correct web hoster

Best Android Apps to Make Slow Motion Videos.

     In Android phones we can record video, but not all of them have slow motion recording options for them. When we are creating the college video or Birthday celebration or a marriage video album, we must search for the slow motion to enjoy every moment. However, slow motion

Meaning of Mobile Internet Symbols (2G, G, E, 3G, H, H+, 4G, LTE-A, 5G)

     Millions of people are using Internet through their smartphones. We can find the additional letter found at the right top of the Signal Bar of our mobile phone, it indicates that apart from Voice call we can send data Transmission through the mobile phone that is