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8 Essential Smartphone Accessories you Should Have

     Most phones are inbuilt with Bluetooth but not with a wireless speaker. Likewise smartphone has lot of limitations. Here in this article I will give you the list of smartphone accessories that will helpful way to be more productive. Essential Smartphone Accessories you Should Buy:

Things To Consider When Purchasing a Portable Power Bank

     Whenever we are buying a smartphone, we will give priority to only few features like high-definition displays, high-end performance, and decent camera features. But we won’t consider about the main issues which gives life to your mobile that is a battery. We using the battery hogging applications, high

Useful Guidelines for Buying a Laptop with the Perfect Specifications

     A laptop is an easy and fast way of running demanding applications. Computers still play a significant role in the modern workplace, and will continue to power you well into the future. Choosing the right laptop business of sizes, features, and prices, and lot of

Top 10 Best Free Apps for Your Windows Mobile

     The surveys are saying that Windows phone users love their phone, mainly because of the attractive operating system. The Windows operating system starts to attract all the other phone users with their awesome User Interface and its designs. We all know that windows operating system

Top 10 Things to Consider before Buying a Smartphone/ Tablet

    Mobile phones have become a necessity gadget in these days for everyone and it treated as a sixth finger of a human’s hand. In the early days of mobile phones, it came with some basic functions only such as dialling calls, attending calls. But after

How to Activate Do Not Disturb(DND) on all Mobile Networks

     It’s really annoying when your mobile phone receives lots of useless messages(SMS) and unwanted calls from commercial & advertising companies, telemarketers, etc., Due to the big business competitions in these days there are huge number of companies are forced to prefer the telemarketing for selling

Who is catching on to the wearable tech trend? The newest players in wearables.

   Wearable technology is, without doubt, one of the big buzzphrases of the moment. But has the ship sailed without some of our biggest tech names on board? Where are Apple, Sony and HP? Has Samsung been the only company smart enough to grab wearables and run

Samsung Galaxy S6 release date, specification and price

    Samsung Galaxy S5 has not yet become much old, people are seen talking about the release date of Galaxy S6, specifications and its price range. It is being predicted that the most anticipated smartphone will be released sometime during Christmas to fetch festival season sale or

Microsoft TV – New Automatic Favorite Channel List

     Microsoft will be bringing a new software update for Microsoft TV that will be generating favorite channel list. Microsoft’s new favorite channel list will be generated by observing the viewing, surfing, and recording habits of a television user. Microsoft has a separate division called Microsoft

Apple’s anticipated iOS 8: When is it to be launched?

     The much anticipated iOS 8 is set to be finally revealed by Apple on its annual WWDC (World Developer Conference)on Monday 2nd June 2014 in San Francisco which will start at 6pm UK time. The rumors which have been circulating throughout the internet will now

Nokia X Plus – Cheapest Android KitKat Phone

     Nokia X Plus is vibrant creation among the Nokia series which comprises of X, X+ and XL. The three phones were revealed at 2014 Mobile World Congress, X Plus is a trendy phone with a colourful green display. The three phones operate on Android KitKat

Top 10 Luxury Cars to Buy This Year: A Smart Guide to Buy Car

     When you decide to buy a luxury car you definitely want it to be the best one. You would like to choose the one that is an all rounder, which is an exceptional, well rounded vehicle. Well here are top 10 luxury cars that have