How To Clear Your Skype Messages History on PC

     We can make the conversation with our friends or to colleagues by video calls, text-based instant messaging lets users, audio calls through skype. When we are using the public computer or the office computer, it is not safe. When using text to communicate, Skype stores a copy

Learn the Major Difference Between B2B and B2C E-Commerce

     CEOs of both B2B and B2C businesses have said that growth in investment revenues is their first priority, followed by monetary savings. These findings are mainly applicable to the eCommerce industry because electronic commerce solutions are created to get better revenue opportunities and ROI has

How to Protect your Children from Internet Dangers

     We are living in a highly digital world, and the internet is occupying everywhere. Even it is useful in many way, there are many scams evolving in the internet. It turning hard to protecting children from the dangers on the Internet.  In this article i have

8 Interesting Facebook Tips and Tricks you Must Know

     Among all social networking site Facebook is the best.  More than 700 million users using facebook daily to chat with their friends, sharing post, pictures, videos, playing games, for commercial purposes, and also many of them make money using facebook with their spare time. The

Social Media: A Strong Weapon for Internet Marketing

     Social media is an important aspect of marketing as the building of marketing need a strong pillar of social media. Social media provides a platform to introduce the product and if the power of social media is used properly then you can get the results

Some of the Advantages of Online Gaming for Kids

     In this modern world, you can entertain yourself in just a click of a button. People have a lot of options to entertain themselves and among them one of the best ways is to play online games, especially for kids. Now there are many people

6 Tips to Get More Subscribers on YouTube Channel Faster

     Like creating the video, Getting subscribers on YouTube is also the tougher job.   May it is easily possible for the famous celebrities, But for the common person, mainly for the new comers lot of factors only determine the amount of the subscribers to visit

Samsung Galaxy S6 release date, specification and price

    Samsung Galaxy S5 has not yet become much old, people are seen talking about the release date of Galaxy S6, specifications and its price range. It is being predicted that the most anticipated smartphone will be released sometime during Christmas to fetch festival season sale or

Microsoft TV – New Automatic Favorite Channel List

     Microsoft will be bringing a new software update for Microsoft TV that will be generating favorite channel list. Microsoft’s new favorite channel list will be generated by observing the viewing, surfing, and recording habits of a television user. Microsoft has a separate division called Microsoft

How to Choose the Right Domain Affiliate and Make Money

      The success of every affiliate marketing effort starts with making a good domain choice. Making the right domain choice is very important as it becomes your identity and the primary tool for driving the right traffic to your website. You can start a lucrative business

How Cloud Based Software Work for your Employee

     In this digital lifestyle, every minute new software invention is easing the work pressure of the employees or the businesses. The workload is increasing day by day so without software it is not possible for the employee to accomplish their work without any assistance. In

Apple’s anticipated iOS 8: When is it to be launched?

     The much anticipated iOS 8 is set to be finally revealed by Apple on its annual WWDC (World Developer Conference)on Monday 2nd June 2014 in San Francisco which will start at 6pm UK time. The rumors which have been circulating throughout the internet will now