Recover Deleted Photos & Videos from Android without Root

     One of the troubling issues in the Android devices is data loss issue. You may have saved a batch of important and precious files like e messages, contacts, audio files, video files, notes, pictures, graphics, wall papers, themes etc. and many more on your Android

8 Essential Smartphone Accessories you Should Have

     Most phones are inbuilt with Bluetooth but not with a wireless speaker. Likewise smartphone has lot of limitations. Here in this article I will give you the list of smartphone accessories that will helpful way to be more productive. Essential Smartphone Accessories you Should Buy:

How to Earn Money on Your Instagram Account

     Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks with photo and video posts. And most of the people have so many followers and many want to upload selfies and snapshots, to follow celebrities, fun videos in fun way to the productive. If you have

How to Identify a Fake Facebook Profile using These 6 Tricks

     Facebook is the powerful social media where young generation spends most of their time there. There are more than 80 million active fake Facebook profiles circulating among the real ones. Few people created who forgot their credentials and created another account. It is hard to

Top 5 Free Weather Checking Apps for Android

     Just as with our Android Phone weather apps, being able to check in on the forecast can help you plan your day. These apps can also help you prepare for storms or to see what conditions are like at a travel destination. Whether avoiding tornadoes,

Amazing Notepad Tips & Tricks you Might not Know

     Notepad is the Microsoft Windows product, simplest, easy-to-use text editor and it  handles code too. Notepad is used to write the notes, files, documents and  saved with the extension .txt; which in turn is supported by all the text editors. but the disadvantage is it

6 Best PayPal Alternatives for Your Online Payments

     Apart from bank slips, credit or debit cards or even bank deposits, a wide range of online payments are available for users. PayPal is the most popular online payment method which is more comfortable to transfer money to abroad easily. Users will only need to register for a valid

6 Effective Tips to Optimize Your YouTube Channel

     YouTube is second largest search engine on the Internet. Marketing with YouTube is simply set up a channel and start uploading videos. But as your investment in video grows, so does the pressure to make sure that the content is performing. Beyond the basics of YouTube

5 Ways to Overcome Your Smartphone Addiction.

     Everyone is using Smartphones nowadays and they becoming part of daily life But there is more difference between ordinary use and addiction. Understanding technology addiction really only requires an understanding of all addictions. Mainly the teenager ages of 18 and 24 were most dependent on mobile technology.

Proven Methods to Remove Shortcut Viruses Permanently

     Shortcut virus attack automatically when a USB drive or SD card is inserted and auto-run is turned on. Shortcut virus is a very harmful virus that does converts most of our important programs to shortcut folder icon and keeps the original content hidden.  The first

Best Free Websites to Create Cartoon Characters of Yourself.

     Stop boring your friends by uploading the boring normal pictures of yours in Facebook, Instagram, twitter and Whatsapp!! Everyone loves cartoon. It is time to attract your friends by turning your normal picture to interesting, comic and funny cartoon picture. For cartoonify your picture, you

Things to Know Before Choosing a Web Hosting Plan

     Whenever you start a new Website/Blog you will need to find a web host provider and a domain seller.  There are huge amount of web hosting services available in the internet. As the fresher it is the hard process to choose the correct web hoster