Top 5 Free Photo editing Apps for Android Smartphones/Tablets

     Nowadays taking photos from smartphone is one of the hobby for a large group of people especially youngsters and also selfie images are also popular among those people. So that’s only maximum gadgets like smartphones, tablets are comes with high quality camera features in these

A Mobile SEO Guide: How to Do SEO for Mobile Sites

The idea of establishing connectivity regardless of the place and time is indeed appealing. The digital world as we see today is entirely dominated by smartphone and tablets. Online searches through mobile devices have radically increased over the recent years and have been constantly flourishing. SEO previously

nrelate is going to Shutdown, so try These 5 Alternative Plugins

   One of the leading web content recommendation service provider nRelate has decided to close it’s service at the end of this year. It was started in 2009 and in the year 2012 it was acquired by the Internet Active Corp(IAC) which is an american based internet company. After the

How to Delete/Deactivate your Facebook Account Permanently

   Few years back many people have felt that Facebook is the best entertainment place in online. Because in that time, it came with certain new features such as News feed, Timeline profile, Friend requests, Friends search, Like button, Notifications, Events, and so on. Due to these

Top 10 Websites to Buy Christmas & New-Year Gifts Online

     We all know Christmas is a Christian’s holiday which is honoring Jesus Christ and every year December 25th is celebrated as a Christmas day by the millions of people all over the world. On that day friends and family members are expressing their love by

Top 10 Things to Consider before Buying a Smartphone/ Tablet

    Mobile phones have become a necessity gadget in these days for everyone and it treated as a sixth finger of a human’s hand. In the early days of mobile phones, it came with some basic functions only such as dialling calls, attending calls. But after

How to Activate Do Not Disturb(DND) on all Mobile Networks

     It’s really annoying when your mobile phone receives lots of useless messages(SMS) and unwanted calls from commercial & advertising companies, telemarketers, etc., Due to the big business competitions in these days there are huge number of companies are forced to prefer the telemarketing for selling

Who is catching on to the wearable tech trend? The newest players in wearables.

   Wearable technology is, without doubt, one of the big buzzphrases of the moment. But has the ship sailed without some of our biggest tech names on board? Where are Apple, Sony and HP? Has Samsung been the only company smart enough to grab wearables and run

CouponDekho Review – Let’s You Shop more within Your Budget

     With internet playing a significant part in our lives, online shopping could not be far off. All of us are leading a very hectic life schedule and find it very difficult to spare time for shopping and in fact find it exhausting and time consuming.

Why Should You Care About the Internet of Things?

You might have heard about this term before and no sweat if you have not. Today in this post, we are going to share some of the basic things about this futuristic technology that is known as the internet of things (IoT).   Why should I be

How to Improve English Speaking Skills using Android Smartphone

     Learning things are really easy after the arrivals of the smartphones, the things may be anything it’s not matter. Because smartphones are not only used for playing games and also it is a helpful tool in the way of developing your knowledge. Through this article

How to Protect your Eyes while using Computer for a Long Time

     Today we are living in a highly digital world and we are forced to use the electronic devices which has digital display such as Television, Mobile phones, Computer, etc., among these devices, computers are one of the most needed thing for everyone for their regular life.