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Top 5 Free Tools to Track Unfollowers on Your Twitter profile

Undoubtedly Twitter is an Extraordinary Social Networking Platform where the people are able to express their opinions, views, talents, interests among their friends, family members, colleagues, by just sharing Contents, Images, Videos, etc., Since it’s founding, Twitter has been dominated by Celebrities, Politicians and such other most

How to Stop/Block Candy Crush Request Notifications on Facebook

     Today Facebook has become the most entertaining social networking platform on the earth and over 1 billion people have joined the Facebook already. Us a user we never got tired while browsing the Facebook because watching the feeds of other users is the most desirable

Top 10 People who have Most Followers on Twitter

     Twitter is a popular social networking site which has the second place after the Facebook in the list of top 10 most popular social networking sites. It is a micro-blogging based site which was launched in 2006 and now it has over 500 million users

Top 10 Social Networking Sites in online

      Nowadays internet has become an essential part of our life. When it comes to the internet it has special place for Social Media. Because through Social Networking sites it is possible to share any information with millions of people in a fraction of second.

How To Clear Your Skype Messages History on PC

     We can make the conversation with our friends or to colleagues by video calls, text-based instant messaging lets users, audio calls through skype. When we are using the public computer or the office computer, it is not safe. When using text to communicate, Skype stores a copy

8 Interesting Facebook Tips and Tricks you Must Know

     Among all social networking site Facebook is the best.  More than 700 million users using facebook daily to chat with their friends, sharing post, pictures, videos, playing games, for commercial purposes, and also many of them make money using facebook with their spare time. The

Social Media: A Strong Weapon for Internet Marketing

     Social media is an important aspect of marketing as the building of marketing need a strong pillar of social media. Social media provides a platform to introduce the product and if the power of social media is used properly then you can get the results

Step By Step To Guide Post To Multiple Social Networks At Once

     Hi friends welcome to Tech Raju new post on post to multiple social networks at once. I am Rahul Singh Solanki from , it is a guest post by me.   As we know the blogging has become very tough for newbies. They always

Marketing and IT: Big Data an Obstacle, an Opportunity, and Key to Customer-Centricity

  Marketing executives are, on most occasions, at odds with their counterparts in IT department. There might have been disagreements initially in the matter of Big Data but they see eye to eye now. That Big Data harness is imperative to build a corporate culture that has

Best Third-Party Twitter Apps for Android

     Twitter is one of the most Popular Social Network.  It has Many Million Active Users and majority of them uses it on Smartphones.  Twitter team has made it easier by officially releasing Twitter App many years Ago. It has made the usage of Twitter on

How to Verify Your WordPress Blog on Pinterest Account Quickly

     Pinterest is a one of the leading Social Network on the web, and also it is a blogger friendly site. Because many bloggers use pinterest for their blog development, for example you can get a quality backlink for your blog as wel as you can

Top 10 Most Popular Image/Photo Sharing Websites on Internet

     Internet is a open source for sharing images, videos, jokes, articles, etc., and Social Networkings sites are the powerful key for sharing your expressions. There are lot of popular Social Networking sites are available in online, even we have already discussed about it. But did