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10 Steps :How to Upload Videos in YouTube & Make Money (Monetizing)

     Hi friends we have already discuss about “How to Create (Sign Up) a new YouTube Account“.  So today we talk about how to upload videos in YouTube and how to make money with YouTube videos.   YouTube is the one of the biggest and easiest

How to Stop Unwanted Ads on YouTube By Refreshing the Page

     Hai friends We have already talk about “How to Skip Ads  on YouTube“.  Today also discuss about how to stop ads on YouTube videos but easy way.  In the first method we need Google Chrome Web browser for Installing a Extension.  But this method is

How to Create (Sign Up) a new YouTube Account, Channel : Tips

     YouTube is the No 1 Video entertainment website, because  it allows to the users to upload videos, watching videos, like and share videos in the social networkings sites, and also add the videos in Blogs and Websites ( How to add videos in Blogs &

How to Skip Ads (Advertisement) on YouTube Videos : Youtube Secrets

    Everyone knows that YouTube is the biggest Video sharing Website and an amazing entertainment site in the Internet. It has Millions and Millions of Videos which is uploaded by it’s Users.  So we can watch any video in any languages in any time and any

How to Add YouTube Videos in Blogspot (Blogger) : Blogger Tips

   Generally when it comes to the blogging, many bloggers are concentrate only the pure content and they did not ready to insert any pictures and videos in their blog post. There are many reasons are their between this problem. first one is they think “it will did

Top 10 Best Unbelievable Uses of Youtube : Youtube Tips

             Everybody knows YouTube is the Monster videos website in the internet.  It contains trillions and trillions of videos which is uploaded by it’s users.  for the revolution of YouTube users are uploading 4 hours videos in every seconds, it shows YouTube