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Effective Ways to Improve Your Cell Phone Signal at Home

     If you live out in the countryside or in apartments, you may have issues receiving cellular service indoors. Towers in rural areas are spread further apart, and the further you are from a tower, the weaker the signal. In Urban areas have a high number

8 Essential Smartphone Accessories you Should Have

     Most phones are inbuilt with Bluetooth but not with a wireless speaker. Likewise smartphone has lot of limitations. Here in this article I will give you the list of smartphone accessories that will helpful way to be more productive. Essential Smartphone Accessories you Should Buy:

Amazing Notepad Tips & Tricks you Might not Know

     Notepad is the Microsoft Windows product, simplest, easy-to-use text editor and it  handles code too. Notepad is used to write the notes, files, documents and  saved with the extension .txt; which in turn is supported by all the text editors. but the disadvantage is it

5 Ways to Overcome Your Smartphone Addiction.

     Everyone is using Smartphones nowadays and they becoming part of daily life But there is more difference between ordinary use and addiction. Understanding technology addiction really only requires an understanding of all addictions. Mainly the teenager ages of 18 and 24 were most dependent on mobile technology.

Best Free Websites to Create Cartoon Characters of Yourself.

     Stop boring your friends by uploading the boring normal pictures of yours in Facebook, Instagram, twitter and Whatsapp!! Everyone loves cartoon. It is time to attract your friends by turning your normal picture to interesting, comic and funny cartoon picture. For cartoonify your picture, you

Meaning of Mobile Internet Symbols (2G, G, E, 3G, H, H+, 4G, LTE-A, 5G)

     Millions of people are using Internet through their smartphones. We can find the additional letter found at the right top of the Signal Bar of our mobile phone, it indicates that apart from Voice call we can send data Transmission through the mobile phone that is

How to Become Popular on Facebook and Get More Likes

     In past articles we are discussed about how to promote your Facebook page, to get more followers and many topics related to pages only. But this article is little different from other. Facebook has the facility of adding person up to 5000 in their friend

5 Useful Strategies For Becoming A Digital Marketing Expert

     In this new internet world the digital marketers are the best profession in entrepreneurial markets. Technology is the future, which means that if you work in digital marketing you are already ahead of the trend. Digital marketing is one of the marketing processes where you

Top 10 Essential Google Chrome Extensions You Should Install

Google chrome is a fabulous browser – fast, well designed and packed with essential features. Browser extensions are the small software or computer programs, which work within and add functionality to the browser. Here in this article I will list you the 10 best Google Chrome extensions which

What Are QR Codes and How to Use Them

    A QR code or “Quick Response” code is a two-dimensional bar code first that was invented by Toyota’s Denso corporation automotive industry in Japan. It is nothing but the trademark for a type of matrix bar code that is an optical machine readable bar code readers and mobile telephone cameras.

How to Protect Yourself from Online Credit Card Fraud

     Nowadays we are not carrying money in purchase, just changed to the simple card. Whenever we going for the purchasing, ticket booking, expensive luxury dinner, sport, it’s infuriating to think of someone stealing my credit card. we can’t be careful at all time, someday it

Effective Ways to Prevent your Laptop from Overheating

     Overheating problem is a general issue not only in the computer, on all electronic gadgets mostly in the time, when we play games, or running some serious chats. Sometimes it will make according to weather condition. Laptop obviously has a less efficient cooling system when compared to a Desktop