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How to Reduce Mobile Data Usage on Android – Top 5 Proven Ways

    If you are looking this page, I am sure that you are frustrated because of unnecessary data loss on your Android smartphone while surfing online. Who doesn’t care for their data? In this particular lifestyle we are in need of mobile data always. Tariff rates

Top 10 Most Popular News Websites on The Web

     Hope we are travelling in digital world, we know that nowadays everything can be done digitally in a fraction of seconds. A statement features that the whole world can be in our tip of the finger, if you have a smart phone with internet. Yes,

Complete list of Useful Toll Free Numbers in India

     Toll Free numbers are nothing but the numbers that are free for calling, which is used to linkup the customers with a company. These toll free numbers are mainly used to maintain a relationship between the customers and the companies. It is a type of

List of Most Popular Mobile/Smartphone Operating Systems

     Undoubtedly the gadget lovers are mainly attracted by Smartphones which are running on different platforms. Most of the smartphone users don’t know that what are the Top 5 Mobile/Smartphone Operating Systems used by various Mobile manufacturing companies to provide a better and simple user interface

Simple Tips to Cure your Candy Crush Game Addiction

     One of the most serious problem handle by this Digital era is that Video Game addiction, because millions of people addicted to various video games. Kids, teens, adults and even older people also have become hooked on video games, as a result of these kind

Top 10 Things to Consider before Buying a Smartphone/ Tablet

    Mobile phones have become a necessity gadget in these days for everyone and it treated as a sixth finger of a human’s hand. In the early days of mobile phones, it came with some basic functions only such as dialling calls, attending calls. But after

Who is catching on to the wearable tech trend? The newest players in wearables.

   Wearable technology is, without doubt, one of the big buzzphrases of the moment. But has the ship sailed without some of our biggest tech names on board? Where are Apple, Sony and HP? Has Samsung been the only company smart enough to grab wearables and run

Why Should You Care About the Internet of Things?

You might have heard about this term before and no sweat if you have not. Today in this post, we are going to share some of the basic things about this futuristic technology that is known as the internet of things (IoT).   Why should I be

Some of the Advantages of Online Gaming for Kids

     In this modern world, you can entertain yourself in just a click of a button. People have a lot of options to entertain themselves and among them one of the best ways is to play online games, especially for kids. Now there are many people

Microsoft TV – New Automatic Favorite Channel List

     Microsoft will be bringing a new software update for Microsoft TV that will be generating favorite channel list. Microsoft’s new favorite channel list will be generated by observing the viewing, surfing, and recording habits of a television user. Microsoft has a separate division called Microsoft