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How to keep your Windows Phone Safe and Secure

   We all know that windows based smart phones are recently blooming. These long days windows OS occupied overall personal computers, but it’s a new start over mobiles. We can see many people started using Windows based mobiles because of its attractive design and features meanwhile many

5 Techniques How do Hackers Hack Your Account Password

     Many of the Internet users might have victims of their email or any other social media accounts being hacked. This may happen because of the hackers who hacked the password for undertaking the accounts from the authorized users. The hackers will hack your password for

Secure your WordPress Blog with These 5 Security Plugins

     WordPress is the most recommended free Blogging platform on the web, which is used by millions of blog/website owners. As a blogger, we always want to improve our blog’s traffic and popularity in order to increase the revenue, so we keep our focus on “How

Top 5 Useful Tips for The Secure Online Banking

     Basically Banking system will always be protective and prevented from any illegal activities, which will make the customers to experience secure banking. Nowadays, most of the people prefer online banking to make their transactions fast as can without moving out anywhere. Online Banking is an

How to Protect your Eyes while using Computer for a Long Time

     Today we are living in a highly digital world and we are forced to use the electronic devices which has digital display such as Television, Mobile phones, Computer, etc., among these devices, computers are one of the most needed thing for everyone for their regular life.

How to Protect your Children from Internet Dangers

     We are living in a highly digital world, and the internet is occupying everywhere. Even it is useful in many way, there are many scams evolving in the internet. It turning hard to protecting children from the dangers on the Internet.  In this article i have

Top 4 Free Password Manager Extensions For Chrome Browser

     We are managing many social websites, folder locks and the email account. It is hard to remember all the password in the brain. Sometimes we hardly brain strom to remember all the password. Then we have to face so many steps to find the remembered

How to Block Ads on Android Phone without root Applications

     Nowadays everyone using android phones, Whenever we are using the games, mails or the apps ads will pop up in the screen Sometimes we will don’t care about these ads, But when we are chatting  seriously with or Friends or surfing for the important matter

How to Lock a Folder without any Software and using Notepad

     We always want to keep our file more confidential and safe  from others  and the hackers in our computer .We are always wasting time  for a long  in searching for the best password protect locker application in the play store.And mos of the time they

5 Steps : How to Hide Friends List on Facebook From Others

     Are you feel insecure for sharing your friends list on Facebook Account, then you can hide your friends list by following some simple steps. This feature contains Three sections, the first one is everyone can see your friends list,  2nd one is your friends only

5 Steps: how to block someone on facebook | Block People on Fb

     We already know Facebook is one of the interesting Place for Sharing, Chatting, Status updates, etc., (Create an new FB Account) But sometimes we are suffered from some irritating spam messages, spread by some unwanted people. Those spam’s are may be Tag photos, Unwanted messages

Top 10 Security Tips You Need to Know about USB Flash Drive

      Security tips for USB (Universal Serial Bus) Flash Drive or Thumb Drive. Nowadays flash drives are the most used external memory device for computer and laptops. Because it is very easy to handle. These devices are available in different sizes (memory) and Prices. Anyone