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How to Identify a Fake Facebook Profile using These 6 Tricks

     Facebook is the powerful social media where young generation spends most of their time there. There are more than 80 million active fake Facebook profiles circulating among the real ones. Few people created who forgot their credentials and created another account. It is hard to

How to Become Popular on Facebook and Get More Likes

     In past articles we are discussed about how to promote your Facebook page, to get more followers and many topics related to pages only. But this article is little different from other. Facebook has the facility of adding person up to 5000 in their friend

How to Stop/Block Candy Crush Request Notifications on Facebook

     Today Facebook has become the most entertaining social networking platform on the earth and over 1 billion people have joined the Facebook already. Us a user we never got tired while browsing the Facebook because watching the feeds of other users is the most desirable

How to Delete/Deactivate your Facebook Account Permanently

   Few years back many people have felt that Facebook is the best entertainment place in online. Because in that time, it came with certain new features such as News feed, Timeline profile, Friend requests, Friends search, Like button, Notifications, Events, and so on. Due to these

8 Interesting Facebook Tips and Tricks you Must Know

     Among all social networking site Facebook is the best.  More than 700 million users using facebook daily to chat with their friends, sharing post, pictures, videos, playing games, for commercial purposes, and also many of them make money using facebook with their spare time. The

10 Steps: How to Make Free Video calls in Facebook

     Facebook is the popular social media where we connect up with the friends, to make the text chat, sending message, pictures and the videos.  Even it has the different communicating way,  it don’t have the facility to make the video chat in past days.  Facebook made

How to Block/Stop Unwanted Ads On Facebook Timeline

     Undoubtedly Facebook is a giant of Social networking sites. Because every day Billions of people are comes to the internet for using Facebook for connecting with friends and sharing some interesting things such as Videos, images, etc., Nowadays Browsing facebook status is one of the

5 Steps : How to Hide Friends List on Facebook From Others

     Are you feel insecure for sharing your friends list on Facebook Account, then you can hide your friends list by following some simple steps. This feature contains Three sections, the first one is everyone can see your friends list,  2nd one is your friends only

5 Steps: how to block someone on facebook | Block People on Fb

     We already know Facebook is one of the interesting Place for Sharing, Chatting, Status updates, etc., (Create an new FB Account) But sometimes we are suffered from some irritating spam messages, spread by some unwanted people. Those spam’s are may be Tag photos, Unwanted messages

20 Easy Ways: how to Earn/Make Real money from Facebook (fb)

    How to earn money on Facebook. Facebook is the World’s largest social networking site with billion users. Facebook is a platform to explore yourself by updating your status and upload photos and videos, etc., so Facebook is known as No.1 entertaining site but it is

How to Edit/Change your Name in Facebook Timeline Profile

      Can i change my Name in my Facebook Timeline Profile ?  Yes, you can change your name in your FB Profile in some easy steps.  Many peoples are want to change their names in their own Profile.  There are so many reasons for changing the

How to edit Facebook Post(Status) in your wall without deleting

     Can i edit my facebook status after i posted ? Yes now you can edit your FB status in your timeline, which is already posted by you.  Every day the social networking giant Facebook introduce many features for their users.  But one biggest drawback  is it