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List of Most Popular Professional Indian Bloggers & Their Blogs

   Our Internet is covered with plenty of useful opportunities for people who wants to learn, entertain, as well as earn money. There are hundreds of ways are available in online in order to make money, among them now i am supposed to talk about blogging. Blogging

Secure your WordPress Blog with These 5 Security Plugins

     WordPress is the most recommended free Blogging platform on the web, which is used by millions of blog/website owners. As a blogger, we always want to improve our blog’s traffic and popularity in order to increase the revenue, so we keep our focus on “How

A Mobile SEO Guide: How to Do SEO for Mobile Sites

The idea of establishing connectivity regardless of the place and time is indeed appealing. The digital world as we see today is entirely dominated by smartphone and tablets. Online searches through mobile devices have radically increased over the recent years and have been constantly flourishing. SEO previously

nrelate is going to Shutdown, so try These 5 Alternative Plugins

   One of the leading web content recommendation service provider nRelate has decided to close it’s service at the end of this year. It was started in 2009 and in the year 2012 it was acquired by the Internet Active Corp(IAC) which is an american based internet company. After the

Top 5 Benefits for Joining Blogging Communities

     Are you new to Blogging, do you want to build quality backlinks for your blog, are you suffering from insufficient blog traffic, do you want to build relationship between other bloggers, then “Blogging Communities” are the right choice for you. Blogging Communities are the sites

What is Backlink in SEO & How to Build Quality Backlinks

     SEO is an art of blogging.  When it comes to the SEO, the link building is a most  essential one, because backlinks helps to increase the ranking of your blog in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., and also it helps to take your blog

Top 10 Real Ways to Make Money with your Blog

     In the recent years blogging is one of the hottest topic in the internet.  Some people use Blogging as a hobby, a platform to developing their knowledge, a tool to improve their writing skill.  But Blogging is the best real time Money Making program in

Social Media: A Strong Weapon for Internet Marketing

     Social media is an important aspect of marketing as the building of marketing need a strong pillar of social media. Social media provides a platform to introduce the product and if the power of social media is used properly then you can get the results

Step By Step To Guide Post To Multiple Social Networks At Once

     Hi friends welcome to Tech Raju new post on post to multiple social networks at once. I am Rahul Singh Solanki from , it is a guest post by me.   As we know the blogging has become very tough for newbies. They always

Why Responsive Web Designing is Considered Good for SEO

     Responsive web designing or often called RWD is the latest entrant in the segment of web designing. More apt for mobile devices, responsive web design are becoming hot favourite due to their awesome user interface. A RWD is basically a dynamic set of principles which

Why WordPress is the Good Choice for the Small Business Websites

     Wordpress is web software that is used to create new blogs or websites and edit them according the owner’s specifications. Its features include a plug-in architecture and a template system. Small businesses require having websites because of several factors as follows.   Multiple Benefits:      Websites enable

Tips to make your domain Search Easier This Year!

     While many people stop to wonder what actually is in a name, the answer is always “plenty.” This is particularly true and relevant if you are selling products and services online. Your chosen domain will provide you with an online identity, as well as the