google adsense revenue tips     Among all online jobs, AdSense is the best way to earn some extra revenue for bloggers, Webmasters and web developers. But extracting money from AdSense is really tough for the beginners, after you get expertise in the blogging, you won’t go to the other way. There are a lot of opportunities available to make a very good amount of money. Here in this article i am going to give you few tips to increase your Google AdSense revenue.

Tips to Increase your Google Adsense Revenue:

Size and Location:

The best effective sizes for ad units where the Google will prefer is 336×280 large rectangle, the 300×250 medium rectangle, the 728×90 leaderboard, the 300×600 half page, and on mobile the 320×100 large mobile banner. Then in the locating the AD is another important task, you have to notice the best place for your ads is to figure out where your users are spending a majority of their time on your website. You have to make the AD visible for more than one ad unit on your web pages as this increases the probability of the user clicking on at least one of them.

Display Text and Image Ads:

Best style of the ads in the blogging is in the both text and image style. If you display the text alone or the image alone, it won’t draw visitor’s attention towards an ad it will leads to lower revenue yields. Visitors come on your website looking for information that your website is promising to offer. It will allow you to create reports for specific ad units and analyze them to take a text ad and analyze how it performs in comparison with image ads in that same placement.

Set Up and Optimize Custom Channels:

Custom Channels turn your ad will mostly target by placing of the ads on the advertisers. By giving advertisers this ability, you’re increasing competition for your ad space. Those will leads to automatically increase your AdSense CPCs (cost per clicks) and revenues. By grouping ads into channels you can benchmark performance of ad sizes, placements on the page, colors uses your engagement with the ad. You can manage your custom channel in the AdSense channel section the Advanced Setup tab. Make sure you also create a channel for individual ad unit placements.

Advanced Geo-Targeting:

Targeting the visitors of countries from which you get a lot of traffic or AdSense revenue. But it is the difficult task to keep targeting high paying countries. Because if you are writing the content in the specific language alone and you submit in that particular language version, you need to be expertise in that language. Google Analytics will offer you the solution for that problem. Go to your Google Analytics account and click on AdSense in Content menu. You can first find the pages of your website which perform well in AdSense and then modify the other ones which lag behind.

Mainly target on the rich countries like UK, US, Canada and Australia rather than the poor countries, because E-commerce or selling products to targeted customers. Assuming your content site is in English, you want to do your best to bring in traffic from the countries that pay most.

Choose High Paying Niche:

Before choosing the Niche you must be appear credible, trustworthy and genuinely reliable. Google Ads Network will always considered powerful niche to make more and more money. Some of the high paying niches are Technology, Blogging, Health, Business, make Money Online. You have to choose the niche that is related to your domain for getting higher rankings on the search engines moreover it can increase your AdSense earnings. You could block these low paying advertisers with competition filters available at your AdSense account.