Sub reddits to follow     Reddit is a wealth of communities that are closely related to your niche. Becoming an active member in these communities who spend time is a great way to learn about your audience and engage them on a regular basis. Here in this article i will list out the 10 best and useful subreddits.

10 Must Follow Subreddits on Reddit:


/r/design is a very popular design sub which is best for Layouting a user interface with over 120k subscribers. It is a general subreddit for design content, news, and discussions. The subreddit features designers and artists looking for advice, gorgeous advertisements and shop-talk discussions. It’s also a subreddit where you can seek answers to your design-related questions.


Focused on the latest and greatest in actual technology, not tech-related politics. It is the top place where you can go to ask any tech-related question that you may have. This community is particularly strict about content submissions where you have get more topics like tech jobs of the future, computer implants in humans, and research on advanced computers.


You’ll find tips neatly organized into categories like finance, education, entertainment, technology, travel, and cosines. Moderators have included links on the sidebar to various forums, instructions and related subreddits. The social media network gives any registered user the opportunity to post questions or articles. Community members can vote these posts up or down and also discuss. It covers almost all the topics you would love to be.


/r/jobs is encourage you to apply for and also aggregated some lists of communities dedicated to providing help and resources on applying for jobs, as well as places to look for job openings in general and specific fields more of a school than a career fair. It is a great place to find answers to common work-related questions or challenges. Jobs are centered on how to get work, how to leave it, interviews, recruitment, and resumes.


In education subreddit, Experts from dozens of fields are members of this community, so you can expect knowledgeable answers. It is more concentrated on resource sharing, and professional development. You can read up on the latest trends and advancements in teaching-related technology. You can get the topic related to your subject or lesson and leave with an interesting, and hopefully discussion-inspiring, question.


It is a great community of people working together and offering support and tips for each other in terms of their weight loss goals with just over 200,000 subscribers. You can get the answer to the topic related to nutrition and exercise training program It is best own unique tips and choice links for fitness goals that trim fat or gain muscle. This subreddit covers a wide variety of general things about being more fit. There are regular scheduled discussions on workouts, nutrition and supplements and newcomers’ questions.


/r/cooking are a great way to start learning from the beginning stage itself. You’ll also find best yummy recipes, tips on maintaining equipment, what to look for buying groceries as well as ideas to spice up your daily cooking routine. It is the best sub reddit for the food lovers gives recipies of the world wide cosines


r/productivity encourage specific discussions from redditors that might benefit the entire group. A vote is then cast, after which the community chips in to help market and hone the business that won simple, effective, and refreshing. It has a schedule of its own and where social media marketers gather to post their uplifting and energising to-do lists.


/r/Philosophy is one of the most extensive subreddits on the web right now for educational resources in philosophy and ethics. It Provides a thorough and in depth introduction to range of philosophical branches. It is a Very interesting site that analyzes one’s philosophical and moral beliefs through a series of quizzes.