Recover Deleted Files     One of the troubling issues in the Android devices is data loss issue. You may have saved a batch of important and precious files like e messages, contacts, audio files, video files, notes, pictures, graphics, wall papers, themes etc. and many more on your Android phone. You sometimes accidentally deleted due to device formatting, restoring the factory settings, rooting, phone or memory card failure, virus infection, etc. But in the Windows Operating system, deleting a file is not permanently delete the file. It will store in the recycling bin. But in android device is not like that. Android devices have their own operating system based on Linux which is rather hardware independent. You ever deleted some files on your smartphones unexpectedly, don’t worry.

Yes!! It is possible to recover deleted photos videos and music files from Android cell phones. In this article, we will discuss common situations where files could be deleted from android smartphone and ways to recover data from android devices without any charges or without any harm to your device.

Recover Deleted Files from Android Device:

Android Data Recovery Software:

• First step you need to do is to download android data recovery software provided by Recovery-Android on your PC for free. 

• After downloading the software to recover deleted files, you need to install the file in PC.

• Then you have to connect your device to PC and Enable Debugging Mode in your Android device.

For Android 2.3–> After that Go to settings >> Applications then click on Development. Now USB debugging enables.

For Android 3.0 to 4.1–> After that Go to settings >> Click “Developer options”. Now USB debugging enables.

For Android 4.2 –> After that Go to settings >> Click “About Phone” then click “Build number” for several times until getting a note “You are under developer mode” then again go Back to “Settings” and Click “Developer options”. Now USB debugging enables.

• Connect your device to PC and open the installed file in PC, wait until the software recognizes the device.

• Once the device is detected, click on the Start Button to start the scanning. In the process of scanning your device will ask you for permissions,

• Scan for the lost photos, videos, contacts, messages & more, click on Allow in your phone.

• It will be detected by the program finally. All the contained files in your phone will be displayed in clear categories, including text messages, contacts, photos and videos.

• You can choose the category on the left to preview its detail one by one. Mark those you want to recover.

Dumpster Android Data Recovery App:

We also recommend the Dumpster app Recycle bin available in Google Play Store which can recover all your deleted files before they permanently vanish from your device. It also recovered deletes like jpeg, png, mp3, mp4, pdf, doc, xls, ppt, zip, txt, apk etc. Message and contact recovering function is currently not available. There is also an option to auto clean the long deleted stuffs. The free version comes with ads, and it costs $2.99 to remove them through an in-app purchase.

• First of all download and install Dumpster – Recycle bin app in your android device.

• Then Open the app and click on the refresh button at top of the app. It will start scanning your device for deleted and lost files.

• After refreshing process gets done, you can see your deleted files in the app. See the below snapshot to get more clear idea about this step:

• Long press on the click on the folder form that you want to retrieve the data back.

• You can see the list of images that are dumped in the folder, now select the images that you want to retrieve by the tapping of the tick option.

• The file is now successfully restored on your android device.