Android Smartphone Accessories     Most phones are inbuilt with Bluetooth but not with a wireless speaker. Likewise smartphone has lot of limitations. Here in this article I will give you the list of smartphone accessories that will helpful way to be more productive.

Essential Smartphone Accessories you Should Buy:

Bluetooth Handset:

Bluetooth headsets are quite compact, user-friends and packed with cutting-edge technology. It also gives the facilities like listen music, make calls and also record some calls. Now Bluetooth headset is also comes along with voice command feature. It can make calls, reject calls, inform about the battery backup and it can perform many basic operations by receiving your voice commands. You can also pair with other devices like tabs, laptops and computers. It improves usability of Bluetooth headsets and makes them more essential for the user.

Car Charger:

We daily use our phones and other portable electronic devices, and the main problem in the smartphones is the draining out of the battery quite quickly and the user needs to charge his phone again to keep his phone active. You can charge the Smartphone within few minutes. Whenever you buying the new car in the market, first thing they buying with is car charger.

Mobile Phone Holder:

In the touchscreens smartphones, we can’t able to hold the mobile for all the time, mainly while we are using the Skype or the other video chat. To get the whole view of the screen, we need to mount the mobile, so we it is another important gadget to added when buying the smartphones.

Power Bank:

Like the car charger, portable chargers or the power bank always prevent your smartphones from dying of the smartphone batteries. Mainly when we roam outside or in the typical power cut situations, it is frightening to imagine one hour or a whole day without using Smartphone. Only portable chargers can provide charging in such situation. You can choose an appropriate one that can actually charge your Smartphone twice.


USB On-The-Go (OTG) is a standardised specification for USB connections that allows a device to read data from a USB connection without requiring a PC. This essentially means that Android devices don’t need a computer to act as host for interfacing with other USB devices. With the OTG cable we can connect directly flash drive or other storage media such as External Hard Drive or Card Reader to Smartphone.

Best Camera Lenses:

Whenever we buying the new smartphones, the first thing we note is the camera quality and specs are usually front and center to upload our selfies and the groupies in the Instagram, Facebook or the Whatsapp. When you consider things like sensor size, pixel density, controls, and optics, smartphone cameras should be failed in this features, so that we are looking for the external camera lenses in additional.

Protective Case:

We can’t be careful at all the time that we can protect the mobile from scratched or broken. If you want to be able to drop it onto concrete with impunity, or have it survive a dip, then you’ll need some serious protection. If you’re careful and you just want basic protection, then you don’t need to spend so much.

Selfie Stick:

Capturing a selfie is by simply tapping on phone’s shutter button but what if it doesn’t capture everything that you want in the frame. Selfie sticks are easy to use, are more stable and capture wider angles. It allows you to take a shot of yourself in case you are alone or as a group if you want to everyone to be in your photo. With selfie stick, you can even capture wider background behind you because it is longer than your hand.