Boost your cell phone signal at home     If you live out in the countryside or in apartments, you may have issues receiving cellular service indoors. Towers in rural areas are spread further apart, and the further you are from a tower, the weaker the signal. In Urban areas have a high number of towers, because of the dense population but there are also extra costs in placing a tower on difficult terrain and far from other infrastructure.With a better understanding of why cell phone reception problems exist, we can’t able to change the apartment or the any other place. We always do the agreement with the customer care representative and the service provider to make sure that a signal booster will benefit you based on your location.

But here is a quick list of some other tips in order to help you boost your mobile phone signal and restore your sanity.

Tips to Improve Your Cell Phone Signal:

Signal Booster:

If you are making the call in the closed atmosphere, a signal booster is the best option. Place the indoor antenna and amplifier in front of a window, the device captures and amplifies that signal. But experiment it in your location before you buy. Make sure that signal is available in all over your home. It works by taking an existing cell phone signal from a good location, such as outside your apartment, amplifying it and rebroadcasting it inside. Once in place, cell phone signal boosters are carrier independent, so they can boost the signal of multiple cell phone carriers to multiple different users as the same time, without restrictions. Some carriers also provide them at no charge through customer service.

Switch Off and On Again:

If your signal is poor, it is the short time solution. Just switch off your mobile and again ON it. This allows your phone to look for another tower to connect to, and it may find one with a stronger signal. Or try to put your cell phone in airplane mode or in flight mode for a minute, after a minute, turn off airplane mode. When you do so, your cell phone makes a fresh connection to a signal transmitting tower.

Use WiFi:

If you are using mobile inside home or office, Wi-Fi, allows your smartphone to send messages and make calls over the Internet using apps like Viber and Skype at no charge over Wi-Fi, so turning this on this feature can defeat patchy mobile phone signals.

Open Window:

This is the most initiative step to do when you have no signal. If you are not getting enough strength of signal, you should open the nearest window and door. This may allow signal to reach more directly to you handset.

Move to a Higher Ground:

If you’re using inside the home, go outside. The roof top of a building can dampen cell signals. If you can see mobile phone towers around, try to get closer to them. Closer a handset will be to a mobile tower higher would be the signal strength. If you’re covering the antenna, you’ll weaken the signal. Try changing your grip, just walk around and see if things improve. It’s worth finding out where the antenna is on your phone to see if that’s the cause of the problem.