Earn Money on Instagram      Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks with photo and video posts. And most of the people have so many followers and many want to upload selfies and snapshots, to follow celebrities, fun videos in fun way to the productive. If you have high traffic then it’s a great platform to include in your marketing strategy if you are looking to strengthen your personal brand and following. Here in this article i am going to explain you what are all the way to make money on instagram.

Tips to Make Money on Instagram:

Don’t Post All Your Photos at Once:

First thing is if you want to build an Instagram following, you need to post every day, at same time don’t overdo. From our experience we suggest posting once every 24-48 hours. While it’s important you appear to be active, you really want to avoid bombarding your followers with too many posts.

Post Quality Photos:

Don’t upload the boring images. It will make your followers irritating and at final they will unfollow you. Always focus on quality content Beautiful photos will attract more likes and more comments, and more followers, so be sure to curate everything you do. It’s really important that the photos you post relate to your brand and theme, high-quality images, and make use of the non-visual aspects.


Once you have your profile set up you will be able to start posting photos and engaging with other Instagram users. Liking and commenting is a great way to boost engagement on your account. You should like photos that are related to your industry and certainly photos that reference your brand. You can comment you branded hashtags, encourage users mentioning your brand, or just generally to engage with your audience.

Bring on the Hashtag:

Hashtags are the best marketing tool. Try to keep them relevant, and don’t use too many. Adding relevant hashtags to your photos allows you to be found by users interested in the type of content you post.

Sell Instagram account:

If your account has huge traffic, more than 1 lakhs followers on your account you can sell it for some nice money. You will get 6$ per 1000 followers, ViralAccounts.com will help you to sell your account for decent price. And another way to sell your profile is Instagram Shoutouts. It is the Third way is to post CPA offers and make money from visitors. But in Instagram Shoutout Prices are not fixed like viralAccount, so it depends on your followers number, followers activity and account niche. But approximately shoutouts sold for 0.5$ per 1000 followers. This is really great money, and you can make it in few hours of work every day.

Promote your Own Business, Products or Services:

If you run your own business, it is the best way to sell your brand in Instagram. You’ll have to decide what content your photos will focus on. Hopefully this will be self-explanatory as it will be in relation to your business.

Organize Contests or Events:

If you have more followers, and you are interested in the affiliate marketing, coupons and the contest are the best idea. Apply deals and coupons for the short period of time main the festival season. It will help you to promote your brand too. It will attract more followers to follow your account.