Identify Fake Facebook Id     Facebook is the powerful social media where young generation spends most of their time there. There are more than 80 million active fake Facebook profiles circulating among the real ones. Few people created who forgot their credentials and created another account. It is hard to identify the real among the fakes.

When one new request come to your profile it is very essential to check whether the profile is real or fake. But do you guess before why they are creating such fake profiles? simple!! Just for deliberately to spread content which is undesirable such as Spamming and spreading a harmful virus or for marketing and advertising. Otherwise for the silly reasons like pranking with their friends group or some people are just stupid enough and no particular reason to fool around.

A female friend request:

Beware friends. Do not accept a friend request just because it is from a girl. There are high chances that it could be a fake account which later on will spam your inbox.

Profile Picture Authenticity:

If you have doubt in their ID, First download their profile picture to check whether it is to be original or not now open Google and drag the picture to center top side which helps us in search image. Now click on upload an image tab as below, then choose fake profile image which you wanted to check. It works fine around 95% times.

Another point when consider about the profile picture is you notice only one image in their account. You confirm that might be a fake account.
Mostly girls prefer to keep their profile Private. So, the fake profiles would be public and list themselves as single.

Profile Details:

A fake profile person never consider about their profile design. They just open an account and start doing what they intend to do. You can easily identify them.

Timeline search:

Things to check in their timeline is
• Profile name(Most of the fake profile mainly in the girl profile set their name as angel, pretty, cute, sweety, sexy, lovely, princess and many more. They may tag you in nude pics)
• Recent activity.
• liked pages.
• Date of Birth( Most of the fake account sets their birthday as 1st January ), Profession and Check ins.
• Contact number( Mostly girls set their contact details as invisible if they are visible then chances are more that its a fake Facebook profile).
• Friend list. (If they have mutual friends, consider about them otherwise reject their request. If there is a high no. of mutual friends, the risk of fake profiles is less.)
• Location and profession. (Match it with your friends. Most of the fake profiles have diverging friends with their personal information.)
• Consult your friends if they are also getting some unknown friends.

Tagging photos:

Fake accounts will often tag photos far more often than real accounts, with an average of 136 tags per four photos on fake accounts compared to one tag per four photos for real Facebook users.

Friends and Following:

Check their friends whether they have more global or local friends. If they have more of local friends than the person is likely to be real however profile with lots of global friends are mostly fake account. Always be conscious and suspicious. Do not cross the limits until you know them in person.