QR Code    A QR code or “Quick Response” code is a two-dimensional bar code first that was invented by Toyota’s Denso corporation automotive industry in Japan. It is nothing but the trademark for a type of matrix bar code that is an optical machine readable bar code readers and mobile telephone cameras. QR codes store information in an image made up of tiny squares. QR codes is more efficient and interactive to display your business or other information, has made QR codes very popular, especially in advertising.


Android users can get the QR Droid app here.
QR Reader for iPhone is FREE and allows you to scan QR Codes from your mobile phone. 

This Application that scans QR codes continues to be i-nigma

After you’ve downloaded the reader to your phone, Just open the app and point the smartphone camera on the QR Code and hold your phone screen facing the adjacent image.  It should “beep” when it’s done scanning the image and your phone browser will take you to our newsletter.  It will automatically take the user to the URL or contact information embedded in the QR code. 

You can also enter a Google Analytics Tracking ID for advanced tracking. This service is offered completely free of charge without any restrictions.

The content of the QR code consist of a web URL, text, calendar event, email address , phone number, contact info and geo location and you have the option of choosing the size of bar code you want.

  • It works fast. Faster than any other QR code reader.
  • It works at extreme angles. Even students sitting off to the side of a screen with a QR code can scan it.
  • There’s a history of the last 50 items you’ve scanned.
  • Links are automatically opened in Safari. I’d rather view pages and multimedia in Safari instead of a reader app’s own browser.

QR Code Tips:

  1. For the better operation in the mobile, keep the text below 200 characters to get a less complex QR code.
  2. If your QR Code is going to a website, start with “http://” in the browser.
  3. If your QR Code is going to your Twitter profile, use the full URL like the above example and not the “@twittername” way.
  4. If you have a URL with a lot of characters, go with URL shortener available in the Google search.

QR Code Uses:

A QR code is a great promotional tool with many implementations. Here are just a few things you can do with QR codes:

  • Promote a discount on a product or deal of the day and also in billboards, pamphlets, brochures, product tags and packaging.
  • Use it in your store to link to an online job application for available job opportunities.
  • The ability of QR codes to connect people with each other and to multimedia digital content is very useful for businesses and consumers.
  • QR code is more advanced technology than traditional UPC barcodes for businesses that need to track and identify products.
  • Extra features of helping in Restaurant menus, Event ticket stubs, Point-of-sale receipts.