how to buy power bank     Whenever we are buying a smartphone, we will give priority to only few features like high-definition displays, high-end performance, and decent camera features. But we won’t consider about the main issues which gives life to your mobile that is a battery. We using the battery hogging applications, high bit-rate music and HD videos the device’s battery is drained very quickly. However, the problem of short battery life had been solved by the several portable power bank accessories available in the market.  We must be confused which one to choose, of what capacity and even bigger question from where.


solar power bank are also available in the market, though primarily charged by the solar power, commonly comes with a provision to charge with normal USB wired charger as well.

What is Power Bank ?

Power bank is nothing but ‘extra battery’ or external charger for your phone or other electronic devices. You can charge your power bank via the charger that came with your phone, tablets, cameras, computer USB port or using other power bank you charges a power bank power/energy get stored in it. Then the  stored energy can further be used to charge the gadgets whenever required.

But there are some Power Banks available in the market which not provides performance up to the mark. Through This article going i am to help you by giving some essential considerations before purchasing one power bank.

Key Points To Consider:


Most power banks are equipped with an in-built USB charger, which is now being used along with a micro-USB charging port for most of the digital devices out there. However, some power banks may only be compatible with certain devices. So make sure you buy a power bank that is compatible with different type of devices.


A power bank’s capacity is measured in ‘mAh’ which is similar to smartphones. Pick a good power bank that has warranty or a brand that already known as a good product. Buy expensive power bank but its worth to keep your gadget save. The main reason we buy power bank because it’s easy to bring everywhere. It became nuisance when to heavy or bulky. You should be able to get several charges for your device.

UL certification:

UL certification will ensure that power bank have standard quality control and real output that makes your device safe. So buy power bank that doesn’t have UL certification.

Price and quality:

When you are planning to buy a power bank, price and quality of the device is certainly another important aspect for it. If you have a power bank with all good specifications but poor quality then it will go to be total wastage. The power bank you are planning to go for doesn’t use refurbished batteries. In addition, it should also back the several basic features including short circuit protection, over-charging control, and has its power secured for several months when not in use. If you go with a branded product, they are also failed with the quality like Chinese manufacturers like OnePlus, Xiaomi, etc. Read reviews from its previous consumers.