Chrome ExtensionsGoogle chrome is a fabulous browser – fast, well designed and packed with essential features. Browser extensions are the small software or computer programs, which work within and add functionality to the browser. Here in this article I will list you the 10 best Google Chrome extensions which plays the essential part while you browse.

10 Essential Google Chrome Extensions:

Adblock Plus:

Adblock Plus is the most popular ad blocker ever. It hides all the annoying ads you see on websites and helps to skip YouTube advertisements before the actual video starts. It’s perfectly possible to turn off Adblock on specific sites or webpages, too.


If your work requires multiple Tabs open at once, your browsing experience will be slower than expected as individual Tabs will consume memory. You can now look at them all at once or restore them one-by-one. OneTab converts all the open Tabs in a list. The user can restore back to Tabs one by one or all at once.


Last pass is the most essential extensions that any browser should have installed. Whenever we set the password to the webpage, online banking or to social media we have more chance to forget that password, and at the end we don’t know how to recover it again. LastPass generates new, strong passwords when needed.


Click&Clean is a best  extension to clear and back up browsing history, delete cache, cookies and temporary files, delete saved passwords, track your own browser, and prevent tracking of your browser activity by other services and websites.

Speed Dial:

Speed dial is the essential extension which the top Google chrome extension does exactly what a speed dial does on your phone for you web pages. It is highly customizable and quick to set up.


For online privacy disconnect extension is always the best. Disconnect blocks third-party trackers from collecting your information while browsing. This is not only safer for you but can increase your battery life, make your Internet faster and save bandwidth.

Gmail Offline:

Gmail is transforming as a medium of communication today. It is necessary to have at least one Gmail account for browsing the internet in the current era. This extension is helps the users to read all your emails in offline. It downloads all your email when your connected to internet when you are in offline you can continue reading from the downloaded files.


Pushbullet is one of the most useful Chrome extensions which will allow share content between devices quickly and efficiently. You can send a webpage from your smartphone so it appears instantly on your laptop screen.


Grammarly is a Make sure your spelling and grammar are up to scratch when posting online writing by spell,  grammar and context error detection and correction softwares. Grammarly is an excellent extension that to write online by checks your spelling on social networks (on Facebook, Gmail, Tumbler, WordPress, Twitter or any other website) error free and with clarity and also checks your spelling on social networks.

Smart Tab Mute:

Chrome already has a great feature that allows you to mute a particular tab if it starts playing sound in the background you don’t want to hear or temporarily want to tune out. But sometimes multiple tabs will start making noise at the same time.