WiFi security Tips     Nowadays smartphones are familiar to everyone, and they mainly use their internet through Wi-Fi, where the router can connect all devices like laptop, PC, Mobile at the single internet connection. However the wireless network are secure, More Hi-tech thieves are around us can able to hack malicious websites in your home router, and steal even your important documents and banking details too. The most common question is arising that how to protect our WiFi connection as without protection anybody can use it and cause great damage to us. So don’t worry here in this article i am going to give you few trick of protecting our WiFi connections.

How to Secure Your Wireless Network:

Enable Encryption:

Encryption is the protection and securing a wireless network. Most of the wireless router has the encryption disabled by default. There are two main types of encryption you can use:

Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP): [64-bit and 128-bit)]: WEP is an old wireless encryption standard. Introduced in the late ’90s, WPA was one of the first security algorithms available to help ensure a protected network. Internet security is more concerned.

Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA & WPA2): This is a new version of wireless encryption standard and more secure than WEP.  Most of the wireless adapters on your laptop will support WPA. It is used to protect wireless networks.  WPA2 is the best for encryption.

Change the SSID (Service Set Identifier)name:

SSID (or Wireless Network Name) of your Wireless Router, that you see on the “Available Wireless Connections” list from your laptop while connecting. Change your network SSID name as every router come with a default name. Follow the simple steps click on Wireless then go to basic wireless settings, in that you see the option of Change the “Wireless Network Name (SSID)”

Hints: Do not use the router’s default network name like D-Link or Net gear.

Use a Strong Password:

Whenever you are logging into your router, the first thing you should do to secure your network is to change the default password* of the router to something more secure. Create a unique or different password for your router so that nobody else can use your router setting.


The firewall help add an extra layer of security. Nowadays new routers come with ‘stealth mode’ built in firewalls prevents hackers on the Internet. Check it well that the firewall is actually ON or OFF.

MAC Addresses:

MAC (Machine Access Code), which is a unique identification attached to most network adapters.  Most routers will give you the option to filter access based on MAC addresses, enabling only devices allow certain devices to connect, and ban all others.

Here are the simple steps to change the mac address

In windows, go to IP config /all from the command prompt to identify the MAC address

Then Click on Wireless -and go to Wireless MAC filter. Click on Enable radio-button next to “Wireless MAC filter” and Click on “Permit only PCs listed to access the wireless network” radio-button. Click on Edit MAC filter list and add the MAC address of your laptop.