online credit card     Nowadays we are not carrying money in purchase, just changed to the simple card. Whenever we going for the purchasing, ticket booking, expensive luxury dinner, sport, it’s infuriating to think of someone stealing my credit card. we can’t be careful at all time, someday it will happen , credit card bill was way more than she had expected it to be; almost double. 

When we check our bill that’s why the key to avoiding credit card fraud is to protect your account numbers and identity from fraud.  By monitoring your accounts and utilizing credit card services you can increase your personal security both on and offline.

Tips to Avoid Credit Card Fraud:

  • May be you are a big business man, you may have several credit accounts, but that doesn’t mean you need to carry cards for each one. Carry only the cards you need each day to prevent from debit card theft. Keep the cards that you don’t carry in a safe and secure place.
  • Keep your credit card pin as tough. Memorize your personal identification number. When entering your PIN, carefully Check whether others noticing your number or not.
  • While using your credit card at restaurant servers and shopping malls, they might try to steal your credit-card information, sometimes by swiping it in a special machine that reads the card or by surreptitiously snapping a photo of it with their mobile phone.

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  • While you want to purchase in online, don’t use Wi-Fi to purchase in the public place. Always make sure you are on a private, secure connection when checking anything related to your finances or your identity. 
  • We must be careful while using Credit Card Transaction at Petrol Pump specially the petrol pumps on highways and remote locations. Mostly try to avoid such situations, try to do in cash transaction. It is one of the favorite locations for credit card skimming thus credit card fraud. We tend to handover Credit Card to pump attendant.  Keep your eye Credit Card transactions should be in front of you.
  • Change your passwords regularly on your various financial accounts and use strong passwords to hackers and protect yourself online.
  • Immediately after receiving the Credit Card, Remember CVV No and Mask/Scratch the same. You can mask with Permanent marker and then apply whitener coating over it.

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  • Always verify the amount on your credit card receipt before signing it. If you get a credit card receipt that has blank spaces in it, write $0 in those spaces or draw through them before putting your signature on the card. Otherwise, There is more chance where others will purchase in your card.
  • Before making any online payment, Please check the URL in Web Browser. Normally the URL starts with “http” whereas secured URL’s  have extra “s” i.e. secured URL will start with “https” in the URL bar will let you know you have transitioned to a secure shopping site. In-fact Google Chrome will show “https” in Green color if the URL is secured and site name will also appear in green.
  • Monitor your transaction records and credit score is one of the most effective ways to identify and prevent fraud. Save all your receipts and compare them to your statement.  At a minimum you should review your credit and debit card statements monthly and check your credit report annually. Install up-to-date antivirus software and a firewall on your computer. Watch for monthly bills and financial statements in the mail.