Loptop overheating     Overheating problem is a general issue not only in the computer, on all electronic gadgets mostly in the time, when we play games, or running some serious chats. Sometimes it will make according to weather condition. Laptop obviously has a less efficient cooling system when compared to a Desktop PC, due to its size.  First thing affected by the heating is Motherboard. The cooling system of our computer is one of the most important features of the device.  The overheating will damage the internal parts, wires, cables etc., By which the laptop has been starts working slower and completely stopped their working.

How to Fix Laptop Overheating Problem:

Cooling Pad:

If you find that the bottom of your laptop gets hot even on a desk, try to use cooling pad or cooling mat this will help you to prevent laptop overheating problem. Your laptop sits on this device, which plugs into your USB port, while fans cool down your machine by circulating air.

Shutdown before Keep it Aside:

We can’t able to be careful at all the time, by mistaken we will pack the laptop in the casein bag without checking, laptop is properly shut down or not Whenever your laptop is still running it is generating a particular amount of heat and it needs enough fresh air to neutralize that heat.

Before Placing your laptop in a bag, check twice that your laptop is shut down, otherwise it lead to overheating problems for it on the long run.

Clear dust:

We should prevent our laptop from the dust. We can cover the big holes by which dust not be entered in the CPU.  In these cases, the airflow in the device is almost gone and heat builds up, then fans will not be able to spin and cool your laptop

Air Conditioner:

To prevent your laptop from overheating problem, use Air conditioner is the  another best way to keep your laptop cool.

Check Laptop Ventilation Fan:

Check whether your laptop ventilation fan is working, fine if your laptop ventilation fan is not working or your laptop ventilation fan is not working, you sure that your laptop need to service and change ventilation fan immediately.

Laptop on a Flat Surface:

If you feel comfortable with your laptop on your lap then look for a lap desk which has a flat surface for it to sit on.  Laptop always need the fresh air to pass through to, if not it will result making it to overheat.

If you keep your laptop on a fabric surface like a couch or table with a tablecloth, the bottom gets really hot.  You can easily prevent your laptop from overheating by ensuring you only use it on a flat surface.

Stay out of the Sun:

Don’t keep the laptop in the open sun, In India, everyone know about the heat mainly in the summer season. If you use to keep the laptop in the radiance of the sun, the laptop’s operating temperature will be higher, which will greatly increase component wear and the chances of your device overheating.  If that’s not possible, turn off your computer when it’s not in use.