Useful websites on the web

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   In this article i am going to give some amazing and most useful websites list on the Internet. We can’t able to memorize or bookmark all important websites in memory. Many of this resource probably never heard of most of them will help us to productive which is frequently updates and lesser known. The resources may cover about cooking recipes, online courses, tutorials, movies, entertainment, music, social media, search engines etc.,

List of The Most Useful Websites on the Web:

1. – The largest search engine in the world. You can search anything in the world.

2. – An easy to use taxi fare estimator that predicts the cost of a taxi from one destination to the next inside major US and Canadian cities.

3. PicMonkey– PicMonkey is a powerful, free web-based photo editor. For enthusiastic amateurs, it’s the fun of Photoshop without all the fuss.

4. – simple Encyclopedia in the internet, where you can search anything.

5. – Most famous and most used video streaming website used by millions all around the world.

6. – World’s biggest online shopping site.

7. – Tons of articles and resources providing expert help for do-it-yourself home repairs and improvements.

8. – Biggest social networking site in the world.

9. – Send direct messages to people around the world, even the famous celebrities!

10. – Send a tweet with more than 140 characters.

11. – Watch your favorite TV series and movies online for free

12. – A business magazine publishing interesting articles.

13. – Edit photographs using different filters and with your friends and followers.

14. – Learn how everything works

15. – Learn any course online for free.

16. – Tons of articles and resources providing expert help for do-it-yourself home repairs and improvements.

17. – Know everything about a movie or TV series.

18. – Watch your favorite TV series and movies online for free.

19. — my favorite online application tool to find out what’s behind a shortened URL.

20. – Learn the meaning of street lingo

21. – This website allows you to diagram your ancestry, and it also lets you invite others to contribute.

22. – Cooking guide to learn the best recipes.

23. — get inspirational and motivational quotes by authors, thus to inspire your life.

24. – Frequent blogs on how to make day-to-day stuff easy.

25. — an online software to create free flowchart, UML, ER, process, and network diagrams.

26. – Translate any language to any other language.

27. — an online calculator to calculate your sleep time while you fall asleep at night.

28. –Hotel reviews and sightseeing ideas.

29. — scans your suspicious files for malware, Trojans viruses online.

30. – Useful educational stuff to learn.

31. – Humor yourself with the funniest memes.

32. — to know your send email gets read by the recipient for free.

33. – Get previous versions of almost all the software

34. Readability– Readability is a mobile and web app that gets rid of all that for you, providing you with a pleasant reading experience.

35. – The official site to get a free report from each of the three credit bureaus. The report is offered to all individuals once per year.

36. Linkedin – this site can help candidates differentiate themselves from other job applicants through making a personal connection at a respective company that an applicant is applying to.

37. – Helps promote waste reduction by matching up a person who wants to throw something out with someone who has a need for the item.

38. – Promoted as your address book for life, the service helps you to organize, manage, and access your contacts in one place.

39. – Enter flight details to track flight status. The website also shows which cities are currently experiencing airport delays.

40. — it’s a place to know and discover the latest websites, and smartphone apps etc.

41. – Travel guides to help plan trips and vacations. The site displays several suggested destinations and details trip ideas.

42. — helps you discover latest trends, fashion, accessories, and more to keep you modern.

43. – A wiki dedicated to the world of traveling.

44. — download unlimited free and premium stock images, vectors and buttons etc.

45. — edit, make collages, and add effects to your images online for free with Fotor.

46. — learn something new every day

47. — get some amazing decor ideas and decorate your dream home in your own way.

48. — send your huge files with this cloud-based app.

49. — the best global broadband speed test tool that I use daily.

50. — to share your ideas on a webpage in an easy way