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     Everyone is familiar about Wikipedia, one of the top ranked websites for search engines in short word and it is also known as free online encyclopedia. It is the best source of original content online.You can create a wiki page for your business purpose too, which can increase your page web traffic. A Wikipedia page will not only add to your company’s credibility, but also boost your Search Engine Results. This helps your products and services will reach the people easily. Wikipedia supports all universal languages, so that your information will reach all people globally.

Wikipedia is not a web host. Anyone can create a Wikipedia user account and write an article on any topic whatsoever. Creating a new page, keeping the page updated with high quality content is quite challenging. But Wikipedia can solve this problem, creating a quality Wikipedia page for yourself or your organization requires having proper knowledge of the task.

But you have to notice few points before creating your page in Wikipedia. You cannot advertise or promote your company, your Wikipedia page should be written by someone not associated with your brand. Wikipedia requires multiple independent sources for articles on organizations and companies and it recommends you to add on your website a comprehensive list of any independent reliable sources, such as newspaper articles, that have been published about your organization.

How to Create a Wikipedia Page:

• You have lot of stories or content to write.

• First, you must think about the subject you are going to type. That must be unique, vary from other contents only when you pass the notability criteria should an article about you be created.

Then you need a Wikipedia account. else open this page to create a new account. If you already has a page, just log in.

• Go to the “Wikipedia Help” page and under the heading “Create a new article or upload media”. Click on Check Your first article to see if your topic is appropriate, then it automatically goes to Article wizard will walk you through creating the article.

• After you created the article, go to Writing better articles for your help on how to improve it and what to include like reference.

Easiest way to search your page exist or not, is just type your URL in the address bar. Important thing is if you copy and paste any article from other resource is the violation of the copy right. It is strictly prohibitable.

• After creating a new page, Just name the subject of the article you want to create. Keep in note that the name is not already exist in the search engine. Your article must be unique and notable otherwise, your article probably be deleted. You can create your new article. (Wikipedia has the better formatting options, helps your typing more faster).

• Then create an outline and then initiate a User space Draft. Begin by providing a short summary of your organization in the first sentence of your article. Follow up the instructions given below. Remember to disclose any conflict of interest on your user page by writing that you belong to the company you are writing about.

You should also mention this on the article or draft talk page. If you never follow the rules, your article and any edits may get extra scrutiny from other Wikipedia editors. Your account may also be blocked.