android marshmallowAndroid is one of the most popular Operating System for Smartphones and Tablets. Recently It comes with the 6th major updates on the OS version 6.0 and it is named as Marshmallow. It comes to overcome the disadvantages present in the Android Lollipop version and to add some extra features in it. Marshmallow comes up with many additional features which was absent in the previous android Lollipop version. Android Marshmallow version comes with some exciting and new features, which will makes the users to use the device more comfortable than the previous android versions. Here is the list of newly updated features on Marshmallow version.

Features of Android 6.0 Marshmallow:

1. Google Now by Tapping:

Google Now is used to makes the users easy to search on google. It is one of the best features in Android latest version Marshmallow. To open google now, it doesn’t need to close any running applications or copy paste any words to search. It will be activated by enabling the google now option by simply go into Google -> Settings -> now cards. The users can bring up google now by simply select those texts which you want to be search on google and long press the home button on your phone. It can be launched while working on any apps without closing it.

2. Individual App Permissions:

App permissions is used to set the access limit for an app on the device. Because App will access the process, which will cause the phone performance. In this Android Version, advanced app permissions option is launched in order to help the user to restrict some access for every app in the device. To set App permissions, go to Settings -> Apps and click the overflow menu in the right side top corner. Then click on Advanced App Permissions on the sub menu. Here the users can change the access limit for every app on the device.

3. Play Android Marshmallow:

Marshmallow easter egg is lookalike a flappy bird. In this version, Google added a multiplayer feature in the Easter egg game. To open the Marshmallow easter egg game, go to Settings -> About Phone. After clicking on it, now tap on the “Android Version” repeatedly until the Marshmallow screen appear with M icon. And then tap on the ‘M’ Logo present on the screen, which will turn it into a Marshmallow with Antenna. Then press and hold the Marshmallow until the easter egg game page opens.

4. System UI Tuner:

System UI Tuner is an useful feature present in Android Marshmallow Version. It allows the users to easily customize the quick settings and the status bar shortcuts on the notification panel. To enable the system UI tuner, first pull down the notification panel on your Android device and then long press the ‘Settings’ icon which is present at the top next to the battery level indicator. Hold it until a pop up display containing a message that saying “Congrats! System UI Tuner has been added to Settings”.

5. Battery Percentage Indicator:

In Android Lollipop, users are allowed to show the battery percentage on the status bar with the help of the third party app. But in this Android 6.0 Marshmallow version, no need of a third party application. Google has enabled the feature of showing the battery percentage at the status bar. To enable this, tap the System UI Tuner from the Settings page and then toggle the ‘Show Embedded Battery Percentage’ switch to turn ON this feature.