Android Rooting Pros & Cons

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    When you buy a new Android phone, Rooting your mobile device allows you to do things which are not possible on normal phones. Carriers normally prevent access to root-level files, because you could delete essential files or cause others problems. Unfortunately this limits what you can do with your mobile devices., after you have a root access over your phone, You can able to make all kinds of changes and install more powerful apps that you can’t use on a non-rooted phone.  Rooting process is an inherently dangerous process.  If we overcome these risks, the potential benefits are impressive.

 This article going to explain you to the advantages and disadvantages of rooting your Android phone that allow you to access the entire operating system and be able to customize just about anything on your Android.

Root Access / Super User access:

Android devices will have some hardware and software restrictions.  We can overcome these restrictions by Rooting the Android Device, so that we can have complete access to that Android Device.

By this process of rooting, you can easily access as admin can do. You now have access to various files/parts/sections of your device that previously should not have been available. And control over hardware and software of your Android device. You can even delete the system files and Default Android apps and Games.

Advantage of Rooting:

1. Run Custom ROMs:

It is the best benefits of rooting your Android device, ROM (Read only memory) Manager allows you to easily flash a custom recovery image which is what you will need in order to backup and restore your phone. It will help you on the process speed and functioning of an Android device.  Which give your phone better battery life, faster performance, custom themes and additional features like special audio processing.  Cynanogenmod is the most popular aftermarket firmware. It has a new installer that is very easy to use.

2. Eliminate Banner Ads:

Rooting allows a person to use specific apps that most advertisements that appear in your browser and other apps. The apps rather than attempting to manually change/edit an app in hopes of blocking ads.  You can get one of the biggest benefits of paid apps for free.

3. Awesome Themes: 

Once you get rooted, you can get the themes available for all the Android devices. Those Themes will change the entire look and user interface of your mobiles and tablets.

4. Boost Phone’s Speed and Increase Battery Life:

While running Other heavy apps, you will see system lagging, The app like SetCPU you can overclock your phone for better performance, or under clock it for better battery life. After you install this app you can do a lot of things to speed up your phone and boost its battery life without rooting.

5. Increase internal memory:

People who have low internal memory can transfer any application from internal memory to SD card after rooting their phone. You don’t need to delete your important files, videos or pictures, then rooting might solve your problem.  External SD card must be supported by your device for this.  Use any app like Link2SD or A2SD to completely move any of your apps to the SD card that only works on a rooted phone.

Disadvantages of Rooting Your Android:


1. Loss of Software warranty:

If once you Root your mobile then you will lose the software warranty of your mobile. Un-rooting might not work every time. So this particular problem is definitely situation dependent. And the company is going to charge you for the repairs.

2. Bricked:

If rooting is done without any proper experience or wrong files are updated from the kernel mode. That might let your Android device to get very unusable bricked, there are ways to fix it. It can be surprisingly easy to brick your device you were trying to root your phone, If you did some mistake while trying to change the mobile version, you might as well be charged for it by your phone manufacturer’s service center.