best whatsapp alternatives     Now everyone is tied and connected with social networks and instant messaging app gets viral among all. For personal and official communication in low costs obviously messaging applications became the bridge to connect everyone. Tons of instant messaging apps are available in online, but selecting the best alternative is the challenging and confusing one. Each App will have some extra features and some will have a unique feature in it. Most of the Messaging Apps will have the free Voice-Calling option in it, which adds the unique features in it. Smartphone users are expecting many new and unique features in their app, so the apps should come with some unique to stand stable in the market. Here few apps are filtered as the best apps for WhatsApp alternatives, in order to experience the Instant Messaging.

Best WhatsApp Alternatives for Your Smartphone:

Line messenger:

It is a popular messaging app in Asia. Line messenger service is available for all platforms like Android, iOS smartphones, Blackberry, Nokia Asha, Windows phone, Firefox OS and iOS tablets. It has Millions of active users worldwide. It is a wonderful app that satisfies all your needs, it connects you with your family, friends, soul mates and loved ones with free of cost. You can communicate with them through sending messages, voice calls or through video calls. Even you can have fun by sending funny stickers, it has built in sticker shop and has 10,000 different variations. So that you can express your thoughts in the way of emoji. LINE has one special feature called Hidden Chats function, which keeps private or tawdry conversation private by allowing users to set a self-destruct timer on their texts, pictures and files. This app supports both mobile data and Wi-Fi connections. Installing this free messaging app is not a big task, all you need is your phone number, once you registered this app, it will scan all your contacts and extracts Line users. So you can get connected with them easily.

Line App for Android, iOS, Windows Phone.


WeChat is a very popular Chinese messaging app. This app is absolutely free for talking, chatting and sharing anything to your friends. You can do voice calls and video calls for talking. You can do chat with particular friend or group of friends through group chat option. Likewise, you can share videos, music, images and stickers same like all the other Communication Apps. One attractive feature is you can play games, yes there is a room for playing games. WeChat offers other extra features too that include WeChat moments and others such as hailing taxis, booking flights as well as making hotel reservations. Unlike WhatsApp, WeChat is totally free of any charge. All you need is stay connected with this app by signing up for an account.

WeChat App for Android, iOS, Windows Phone.


Are you seeking for a better alternative messaging app, I can suggest my ever favourite instant messaging app called Viber. Yes guys, it is a good alternative app for android based mobiles. Viber is similar to the skype application. Viber came with new versions for android ie. Viber 5.6, install it and experience its improved qualities. Many features are added like free best quality video and audio calls, sending text, sticker, photos, location sharing, group chatting for free to any Viber users, and also it offers with high quality. Even you can call non viber mobile or landline numbers at low rates with viber out. Viber integrates with Android OS to give better experience and performance.

Viber App for Android, iOS, Windows Phone.


This app is absolutely free and highly focused on its speed and security, this app adapts all of your devices like phones, desktops and tablets. Like all other app telegram also offers unlimited chats, messages, photos, videos, audios, etc. Group chats also available, over 200 people can join in a single group. It is pretty good in its speed, yes it has closest possible server to send and receive and also it is highly secured, it won’t allow any third party to access your data. Telegram has encrypting technique, which converts all your original data with time tested algorithms. It works great even in weakest mobile connection.

Telegram App for Android, iOS, Windows Phone.


Every app is best in some point of view, get the one which suits your need. Each one will have some unique features in it.