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     I hope everyone is familiar with the Internet and its usage. Whatever you need, you can simply surf through the net. Without our knowledge, our hands automatically choose the Google web browser for searching, that much familiar and popular web browser it is. While in the need of some information obviously we are choosing the internet and typing the search topic simply, what may be the result? You will get both relevant and irrelevant information. We can avoid getting those irrelevant info by smart searching. Through available Google options and searching using keywords, You may think these are known thing, but still many people are unaware about it. Here I am going to share some of the tricks that probably you may not know.

15 Advanced Google Search Tips & Tricks:

By default Google has many options to refine the data soon… It save your searching time and reduces irrelevant links. Let’s we see the options

1. Search Images :

If you want to collect images for your topic, please click the option image below the search bar and then type your topic. It brings all the images related to it.

Example: Type Google office under the image option, it shows completely images, for the same if you tried in web, you will get less images and more info’s related to Google office. That is the different.

2. Search Locations:

If you want to find the route map or location for any area, kindly use the option map below the search bar. It shows the satellite view, even you could find 3D view for some location.

Example: Try out for Taj mahal go to maps under the search bar, now you will get the map… there type the location as Taj mahal. It suggests some more address about your location. Click the needed one, now you could see the satellite view, just see below of your right hand side you will see some options like, zoom, explore, imagery and so on. Click imagery, now you can see both street view and earth view of Taj Mahal. You could feel like walking on the path. Enjoy watching.

3. Latest News:

If you want to see the news related to any of your topic, go to news option under the search bar. Here type the needed one.

Example: Todays hot news, news about Sports, Weather, etc. It refines it very fast.

4. Search Videos: 

  • Are you in need of videos, go directly to video option under the search bar. Now type your topic.
  • Click more option to get more apps, books etc.

Now let’s we see how to search using keywords.

5. Using quotes(“”)

Use quotes(“”) for searching the phrase exactly. The result will yield only pages with the same words in the same outsider as what’s in the quotes. So Place quotation marks (“) around the phrase you’d like to search for

Eg: “to be, or not to be”

6. Using dash(-):

When searching words with multiple meanings place a dash (-) before the word or site you want to omit. You just try searching the following example with dash and without dash, the resultant of both the search will differ. If you add dash before any word the Google omits that word, here Arizona is omitted.

Ex: phoenix – Arizona

7. Using (+)

If you want to search any blood group or Google+ pages, place plus sign (+) in front of it.

Eg: AB+, +chrome

8. Using (@) :

Place the at (@)symbol before the social tags.

9. Using asterisk (*)

You can use the asterisk symbol within quotes to specify unknown or variable words. It’s helpful to find the missing word. For eg: you want to know the song lyrics, but you are not sure about the second or third word, type the known word and place* in the unknown place, Google brings the answer immediately.

10. Eg: “All that * is not gold.”

The missing word is glitter, you will get as a search result.

11. To Search websites:

Use the keyword “site:” that searches only a particular website.

12. For comparing:

If you want to compare the two things or objects use the keyword “Vs.” For eg: carnivore Vs herbivore. You will get the exact comparison.

13. To find meaning:

Use the keyword “DEFINE:” This option can even provide meanings, acronyms etc

For example: Define: Vivacious. It defines about the given word

                             Define: ATM. It provides expansion of it.

 Note: Now Google is very smart, without this keyword it suggests meaning of any word.

Fun creations of Google:

14. Tilt your screen by searching “tilt.”

This is one of the fun additions built in by Google engineers. Try it out yourself (search without quotes) and with quotes. See the difference.

15. Play Atari Breakout by searching it on Google Images.

Go to image option, now type Atari Breakout You can play this legendary brick breaker game directly. Just search “Atari Breakout” (without quotes) on Google Images and enjoy.

Readers, I hope some new info’s I have given. Thank you for reading. If you feel this article is helpful then share it with someone in online.