Most Popular News Websites

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     Hope we are travelling in digital world, we know that nowadays everything can be done digitally in a fraction of seconds. A statement features that the whole world can be in our tip of the finger, if you have a smart phone with internet. Yes, you can get any kind of information instantly through your smart phone with the help of the Internet connectivity. Today’s situation is if you want to survive in this world, you have to keep running without rest for every minute and every second is considered as a penny. So everyone in the world trying to save their time in the smart way. So no exception about updating your daily news regularly, so you can read and get all kinds of news update digitally without any delay. For busy and timeless people, they can update the current news while travelling rather spending time with the newspaper. Here are some of the sites which are used to keep you updated with the latest news.

Top 10 Most Popular News Sites in The World:


It is abbreviated as Cable News Network (CNN) and it is a very popular network based on American basic cable and satellite television channel. This network categorizes all set of news with separate columns like Weather, Sports, Politics, Business, etc. It provides many useful services including e-mail news alerts and even you can download any audio/video.

Google News:

Google News is a user friendly site which provides all the recent news updates and it can support all languages in the world. All the news are categorized at left side, so the user can surf through different categories like world, business, technology based news, sports, science, etc. The hot and the flash news are listed as a short link below the top stories. So the users can surf any kind of news easily using the category and it gives a clear cut news about the happenings around the world.

Yahoo News:

This news site has a search option so the news reader can search any kind of news directly using the search bar provided in the site. Yahoo news site covers all the daily news and provides the full coverage of current issues happening around the world.

Huffington Post:

This site updates all the current news with big tiles, so everything will look transparent. The user can get all the news by scrolling up and down the mouse, then search option is also given. Here you can search oldest news and also newest by clicking the option provided near the search bar. The user can search the old news by using the search filters with the days provided in it. It will mine all the needed news in a second and even the user can specify the particular date of news for searching.


NBC is abbreviated as the National Broadcasting Company. This news site is a division of broadcasting networks, which formerly called as . It is an awesome news site owned and operated by NBC Universal as the online arm of NBC news.

BBC News:

The BBC can be expanded as British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), which provides the news under various different categories. The news videos are listed separately on the right side and the users can get news alerts . Even the readers can connect it to your mobile, or to a TV and the options are given at the bottom of the page, There will be a special category features that the most popular news in the world will listed.

The NewYork Times:

The NewYork Times is one of most popular news site, which will update the current news quickly. This site provides a clear cut view for the readers using the columns with various category of currently trending news. They providing an awesome feature that the readers can view the e-Paper  of their daily times.

Fox Times:

Fox News will update the news including various category like world, sports, health, etc., They will provide the detailed forecast of weather and a detailed current status of the markets and the business. They will update the news regularly with photos. 

USA Today:

USA Today site will covers the readers using the tiles with the current news. This helps the readers to point out the news with the help of the photos attached with it.

ABC News:

ABC News site provides a tiles view of the current happenings in the world, which helps the readers to capture the news trending worldwide. The important point is that the site provides live videos  of any event.