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     Hello readers, if you are reading this post I am damn sure that you are ready with PC and internet connection and eager to earn something through your PC. No wonder, nowadays everyone keeps their own PC, the question is how many of you are utilizing your PC in a beneficial way? No issues, here I am going to share some of my ideas…. I really hope it works. But one thing, PC and net connection alone is not enough to earn money. Little knowledge over technology, skills, your dedication, hard work and broad thinking. Be passionate about your work. Definitely you will see the results, but guys it takes time.

Instead of wasting time you can prefer this kind of way to earn decent income. There are plenty of computer based jobs available, You may be a student or house wife, no matter all you need is various kinds of skills. Like writing, singing, data-entry, music, photography, etc. In this online job your major investment will be your skill and creativity, Of course while starting your online job you need to pay a little amount. But that’s not going to be a big thing.

Fine guys, lets we see the different ways of online job

Different Ways to Earn Money in Online Through Your PC:

1. Blogging:

It is the way of sharing your passions with the world. Blogging is one of the best methods to earn good income in online.

What is a blog?

For the beginners, this definition will give you a clear idea about the blog. It is a frequently updated online personal journal or diary. This is a place to share your thoughts and your desires. We can say the blog is our own website, have to update it on a regular basis.

Steps to setup your own blog:

  • There are lots of good and free blog sites are available on the web.
  • You can easily setup your free blog Here.

After setup, you should write about things that really interest you.

  • Try to write in a useful and interesting way, so that you can get more visitors to read your articles.
  • Blogging can guides you to earn a handsome amounts of money and it’s depending upon the web traffic.

Required skills: 

  • Have an ability to write articles interestingly and attractively.
  • Good command on language.

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2. Online Teaching:

If you are an expert and skilled in any subject you can teach virtually. you can offer lessons to perspective students. So now the question may how to start my online teaching, right? SkillsShare is one such service which allows you to be an online teacher.

Steps to start online teaching:

  • First register in any online teaching service.
  • Create courses on whatever subjects you know (like maths, science or else cooking, designing, whatever!).

Required skills:

  • Subject knowledge
  • Video making
  • Knowledge in Photoshop.

3. YouTube – Video Publisher:

YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing service. So create your own videos and share them through YouTube. So that you can earn money from your videos.

Step to start:

  • First Shoot small video clips using your mobile phone, handycam or any video camera.
  • Many video making software also available and you can even make videos using collection of pictures in your pc.
  • After creating your video upload it on YouTube and monetize it.

Required skills:

  • Should know how to shoot and edit the videos.

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4. Sell Photos Online:

You can sell your favorite clicks online. Yes, find a buyer on websites like iStockPhoto and Shutterstock. So go ahead and be a professional photographer. Try once, publish it online, see the surprise.

5. Online Coading Jobs:

Are you good in programming languages?? If yes, then just search & find a project on the web, build it, test it and submit it, you will get the payment. You can write codes in any programming language or in any platform. Freelancer website helps to connect programmers with clients.

Still more excellent ways are there to earn amount online. Here I have shared only five ways to earn decent income. Motivate yourself and start your online business. All the best readers.