Windows 10 Features     According to a report, Most of the gadget lovers are attracted by Windows with its colourful designs. Windows Operating System is user friendly and it is designed to attract the users of its application interface. Recently Microsoft launched a version which is named as windows 10 and it is designed to overcome the disadvantages on the previous versions. Adding to that, it’s also designed to provide extra features when compared to the previous version. It can be upgraded very easily and it’s completely free for the users. Here I am going to update the new features available in Windows 10.

Best Features of Windows 10 Operating System:

1. Start Menu is Back:

The Start Menu is back on the Latest update of Windows 10, so the users can simply click on the start button which is present at the left bottom of the desktop screen to view the apps installed in the system. The start menu is divided into two columns, the left column shows the most used and recently used apps and the right column shows the live tiles and the apps installed on the system. The power button will be provided on the top of the left column and hibernate, standby and shutdown options are also provided in it. At the bottom, there will be a search box to search for the files or any programs on the system.

2. Cortana:

To complete the task and to access the system easily, Windows 10 provides a software called Cortana. Cortana is a Voice Controlled Digital Assistant to interact with the device easily by giving commands with your voice. It doesn’t need to use your finger to give commands to do the tasks and it can also used for giving commands to do multitasking.

3. Virtual Desktops:

Windows 10 introduces an awesome feature that the users can so multi-tasking in a better way by using Virtual Desktops. Virtual Desktop is nothing but creating an additional desktop with all applications and all the features as in the original desktop. The users can use the virtual desktops for making secure access of some confidential works and it will not be notified on the other virtual desktop.

4. Xbox Game:

In Windows 10, the users can able to play any Xbox game using the Xbox App on various devices such as the Personal computer or Tablet. This latest Windows version will support Xbox game streaming and it has improved the speed and the graphics performance with the help of DirectX. The additional features provided by the Xbox app are that the app allows you to record, edit and share the users victories moments of the game they played.

5. Edge Browser:

Edge Browser is the built-in web browser for Windows 10 which came to replace the Internet Explorer. It is worth for browsing easily and it has additional unique features such as text-only reader mode, annotation tool, cortana integration, screenshots, etc., Edge Browser gives a speed browsing and it provides a quick access to the various operations to be performed on the browser. 

6. Tablet Mode:

The users can change the mode from the PC view to Tablet view, which helps the users to get the clear view of seeing the apps in tablet and in PC. The PC mode will get ON, when the keyboard, mouse are plugged in and it can be done by switching the modes. If the keyboard is unplugged, then the Tablet mode is activated and it can also be done by switching the modes.