windows phone security tips   We all know that windows based smart phones are recently blooming. These long days windows OS occupied overall personal computers, but it’s a new start over mobiles. We can see many people started using Windows based mobiles because of its attractive design and features meanwhile many problems and issues also there over this platform. But lets hope a problem free better versions we can get in future releases by the Microsoft. Maintaining the smartphone without any issues is the biggest challenge among all of the gadget users, mainly for its safety and security. But no worries here you can find some healthy tips to keep your windows mobile problem free from security issues. While designing itself windows phone is designed with more security features by default and they were very conscious about malware attacks. Windows Phone Store is tested by Microsoft and encrypted so there is no way even for accidental attack. There are many ways to keep your windows phone safe and secure.

Tips to keep your Windows Phone Safe and Secure:

Setting a password:

In every mobile this option is available, windows also no exception in this case… So it provides better security over this way, keeping password will prevent your phone from third party usage. Without your permission they cannot make any call and also they cannot see any confidential or private messages in your phone. To enable this option go under the settings -> lock screen, make the password option Enable/On , now give your PIN(Personal Identification Number). It can accept a maximum of 4 digit number.

Setting a PIN for Wallet:

Usually in the old days we keep all the things like credit card , debit card, tickets etc in the pocket. Now we are living in a digital world, so we can keep our credit cards, debit cards, vouchers, membership card, tickets and Boarding passes(Available in windows 8.1 version) in the wallet available in the windows phone. Certain apps are available to add items to your wallet and even we can set up reminders for reminding about the wallet. Wallet PIN is recommended to all users because of its highly confidential data, So it is safe set a PIN for your wallet. To set a PIN for your wallet, follow these steps:

1. In the App list, tap Wallet.

2. Tap More (Three dots), then tap Settings+PIN.

3. Turn on Wallet PIN , enter and confirm your new PIN (it must be at least four digits long), then tap Done.

4. If you’d like to require this PIN for purchases in the Windows Phone Store, select the Use Wallet PIN to protect music, app and in-app purchases check box.

Note: Wallet pin is different from lock screen pin, so try to remember all your passwords. If you forget your password you need to reset it again.

Setting PIN to lock your SIM card:

Users can even lock their SIM by setting the PIN, just to prevent from unauthorized phone calls. If you decided to set the PIN, before starting your phone you will be prompted to enter the pin each time. It keeps you SIM safe from the unauthorized people, when you lost your somewhere. To turn ON the SIM security, follow these steps:

1. On Start—, tap Phone — More (three dots)— Settings.
2. Turn on SIM security.
3. When prompted to Enter SIM PIN, enter the PIN for your SIM by doing one of the following:

*At the very first time setting up the PIN , just type 1234 then tap Enter because 1234 is the common default PIN. if it doesn’t work contact your mobile operator.

* If you’ve already set a PIN for your SIM (even if the SIM was in another phone when you did it), type your PIN, then tap Enter. You’ll get the message SIM PIN enabled.