professional bloggers from india   Our Internet is covered with plenty of useful opportunities for people who wants to learn, entertain, as well as earn money. There are hundreds of ways are available in online in order to make money, among them now i am supposed to talk about blogging. Blogging is one of the hottest money making platform in online and tons of bloggers all around the world has been earning enough amount of money for their living. But in India, we didn’t have a huge list of bloggers, who choose blogging as their profession. Because, for a long time most of the Indians are blogging as a hobby only, so that’s only we can count the number of most popular professional bloggers in India. Let us hope that a lot of people will take part in the blogging industry in future. Here i have listed the top 10 most popular Indian bloggers, that should be a encourage one for the brand new bloggers. 

Top 10 Most Popular Professional Indian Bloggers:

1. Amit Agarwal: (

Amit Agarwal is the first professional blogger in India, who blogs at Digital Inspiration( which is a technology based blog. Amit is an Engineering graduate in computer science and came from I.I.T. Before started this blog, Amit worked for certain companies. In 2004, he quit his job and started his blogging career as a full time blogger. Now he is the No.1 professional bloggers in India and earns over Rs. 30 Lakhs every month through his technology blog. Google Adsense is the main source of income from this blog. blog received the “Most Valuable Professional” from “Microsoft” for many times. 

2. Harsh Agarwal: (

Harsh Agarwal is an another top earning blogger, who is a founder of the blog. He is an Engineering graduate and worked in a call centre before creating this blog. Shoutmeloud was started in 2009 with the aim of helping other people to create a blog and make money in online. Now it is one of the most popular blogs in India with the monthly income of over 8 Lakh Rupees. 

3. Varun Krishnan: (

Varun Krishnan is the founder of, which is one of the leading gadget blog. Basically, he is the biggest fan of smartphones & gadgets, so he started this blog in 2005. Fonearena provides all the latest information in different cetegories such as gadgets, computers, etc., every month he earns more than Rs. 10 Lakhs from his tech blog.

4. Shradha Sharma: (

Shradha Sharma is one of the most popular female bloggers all around the world and she is the founder of the, which is the India’s No.1 media platform for entrepreneurs. It was started in 2008 and now it has over 15,000 + entrepreneurs stories with the monthly income of Rs. 10,00,000+. 

5. Srinivas Tamada:(

Srinivas Tamada is the founder of 9lessons, which is one of the leading programming tutorials blog. It was launched on back 2009 and updated frequently with plenty of tutorials about Programming, PHP, Ajax, Database, CSS, Jquery, etc., This is a useful source for people who wants to learn web design in online. The monthly earnings of this blog is about over Rs.7 Lakhs.

6. Imran Uddin: (

Imran Uddin is the man behind the Website He loves to wrote articles about blogging tips, tech news, all about gadgets etc. His blog mainly concentrate on teaching the bloggers with latest news and tricks about the blogging. The monthly earnings of this blog is reported to have about over Rs. 6 Lakhs.

7. Ashish Sinha: (

Ashish Sinha is the founder of, which was previously known as Before getting into blogging, he has worked for many MNC companies like Yahoo, IBM, etc. He made his website more popular with his mastermind and his ideas. His website is reported to earn about Rs. 9 Lakhs for every month and a report says that it is one of the top most business sites in India.

8. Anand Khanse: (

Anand Khanse runs a blog named, which mainly concentrates on updating Windows news, updates, tricks, etc. His articles primarily focuses on topics about the Windows 7, 8 and Vista operating system.  He has worked many MNC companies before jumping into the Blogging field.

9. Arun Prabhudesai: (

Arun Prabhudesai started a blog called at 2007 and the blog was rapidly grownup. He was first worked in a MNC company and later he left his job to concentrate fully on the blogging. Now his blog was maintained by a team which was managed by him. His blog was mainly focuses on the topics about the business opportunities and entrepreneurship.

10. Pradeep Kumar: (

Pradeep Kumar is a Chennai based blogger and he is the founder of He is a young professional blogger who write articles about social media, technology and blogging tips. He created a network called SlashSquare who updates about the films, social media, blogging, etc.