sites for learn coding online

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    Do you think learn coding is so hard, if you feel yes, you have to realize one thing, that is “Instant Coder” is not anywhere in this world. It takes time to learn & practice to gain good coding knowledge, you may get excited to learn code & may go for some online tutorials. But don’t think, just by completing the tutorial you can be a god developer. Definitely you will struggle to develop a good product after coding.

But guys, coding is not hard, it just requires enough time and practice than you might expect. To be a competent coder, you need to learn how to produce products, not just write code. I am sure tutorials won’t cover these things, you must understand. That in order to develop your coding skills, don’t just follow the instructions blindly, take change & start making. Don’t get frustrate and don’t give up until you are perfect.

Here are some of the sites which helps to learn coding.

1. W3Schools:

W3Schools is one of the best and massive code learning sites on the web, which guides the beginners to learn coding easily. W3Schools provides a wide range of programs codes with examples, through which the users can use their example codes provided by them. Using the Example Codes, the beginners can edit and modify the codes to get new program codes. To develop new codes by a beginner, the only need is an innovative idea. The beginners can easily develop an application with the help of the innovative ideas and the example codes provided by W3Schools. An important note is that, the users can see the output instantly in the output box for the program codes developed by them. This is the main reason for W3Schools to reach one of the top 3 best code learning sites on the web.

2. Team Tree House:
Team Tree House is an online training services that teaches,

  • Web Design
  • Web Development.
  • App Development.

->  Many Videos, Quizzes & interactive coding exercises are available in this online service.

->  Discussion forums are also available.

Mission of TeamTreeHouse:

  • To help the students who can’t get it.
  • To find good job.
  • To give better experience and guidance for their career.

3. Code School:

It’s a subscription website and it teaches coding as you need. It covers the courses like sub topics of Ruby, Javascript, HTML, CSS and iOS amongst other technologies.

->  Approach of Code School:

  • Letting you “Learn by Doing”
  • Provides useful Training.

->  Each course is presented with professionally designed graphics match the theme.

->  Large library of screencasts is the another unique aspect of code school.

->  The screencasts are intended as supplementary gaining to the main library, and it covers range of different topics.


->  Provides coding training includes, web development, app development and game design.

->  Provides basic code training, includes HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Ruby, Python, iOS, Android, JAVA, C++, etc.,

-> adds new courses every week.

->  Video tutorials are also available and it combined with Screencast, Live action & Smart boards.

Special features about

  • More & more videos are covered for all courses, which are grouped into chapters.
  • It provides free videos and video sample files for trial (before signup)

Definitely this site helps you to create your own product/application through your coding.

5. Codecademy:

->  It is a popular coding training website and it’s 100% free and easily accessible.

->  It covers the coding languages like HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, PHP, Python, Ruby, etc.,

->  Users can find interactive coding exercises, and additionaly Discussion forums are also available.

Unique Advantages of Codecademy:

  • Training covers the use of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)
  • It offers lessons in how to use the APIs of YouTube, Twitter, and more companies.
  • API lessons are free and you can practice them inside your web browser.


All the above websites are worth enough to learn the coding languages.