top android racing game     Here we are going to discuss about the most popular Racing games for the Android users. Basically, Android Games were full of Visual treats for the players while playing it, so the gamers will slowly get addicted to it. There are various categories of games are available for Android users in the Official Play Store. The most interesting and enjoy full category is Racing, because it carries more adventures while playing and the controls are easy with gestures on most of the devices. Racing games contain various tasks to finish a lap and to travel the distance in a particular time. Racing games are varied from various vehicles like Bicycle, Car, Truck, etc., There are some of the racing games which can be played Online with other people. Here I am going to list the Top 5 racing games available for the Android users.

Top 5 Most Popular Racing Games for Android:

1. Hill Climb Racing:

Hill Climb game for android

It is one of the most addictive and entertaining Android game based on Racing. A player needs to drive the vehicles and to face the challenges which will vary at each stage. It is simply a hill climbing environment, where the users can use different types of vehicles in different tracks. The tracks and the Vehicles can be unlocked by the users by earning many points in the challenges. At the same time, the vehicles and it’s parts can be upgraded by way of just collecting the coins. After finishing your game, it allows you to share your score as a screenshot with your friends.

Download – Hill Climb Racing Game.

2. Drag Racing:

Drag Racing game for android

Drag Racing is an another popular Car Racing Android game, which has been playing by the millions of gamers. Every player of this game has an opportunity to drive more than 50 officially licensed cars, including Classic Mustang’s 69, iconic Skyline GT-R, BMW M3, etc., So you can start your own race with your dream car. After selecting your dream car the race will be started and then you need to challenge the opponents by just finishing your game as soon as possible, that means you have to drive faster than others. It also comes with the Multi Player feature, which helps you to play your race against 9 players at a time in online. For playing every race you can earn points, then you can use it while buying a new car. 

Download – Drag Racing Game.

3. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8 game for android

Asphalt 8: Airborne is one of the most popular arcade racing game in the market and it was developed by Gameloft. It is the latest game in this series and it comes with ultimate graphics & wonderful features. and also the engine sounds are wonderful that gives you a real experience. You can drive over 50+ high performance cars, all of them are offered by top licensed manufacturers. Incredible stunts are the another amazing feature of this game that helps the players to do the craziest stunts even on the air. This episode offers 9 different exciting locations such as Venice, French Guiana, Nevada Desert, Iceland, etc., 

Download – Asphalt 8: Airborne Game.

4. Racing Moto:

Racing Moto Game for Android

Racing Moto is a super fast Bike racing Android game. In this game you can select your favorite bike & location, then you have to ride your bike as far as possible without clashing the traffic. All the controls of this game are available in gesture mode, you can start the game by just touch the screen and give accelerate by tapping the screen and also you can control the direction by just tilting your device from side to side. When you keep accelerating continuously then the speed will be increased and also the score will be boosted rapidly.

Download – Racing Moto Game

5. Bike Race Free:

Bike Race Free Game for Android

Bike Race free is one of the top rated fun bike racing game on the playstore and it is the most loved games among the race gamers. Through it’s multiplayer feature, you can play against over millions of players all over the world. There are hundreds of wonderful bikes are available by default and the simple and intuitive controls allow you to do amazing stunts while playing the game. Bike Race game consumes only low data memory from your mobile device, so you no need to worry about the memory. It doesn’t contain any violence scene, so anybody can play this game even kids can do. 

Download – Bike Race Game.