how do hackers hack your password

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     Many of the Internet users might have victims of their email or any other social media accounts being hacked. This may happen because of the hackers who hacked the password for undertaking the accounts from the authorized users. The hackers will hack your password for various purposes like gaining profits, showing their skills and to use your account to spam your contacts by sending profitable links. Most of the time, the hackers will hack the account password without the user’s knowledge by using various techniques. The only solution to protect your accounts from the hackers is by knowing the possible ways for hacking your password, now you will know the cause before doing any action while accessing your account. There are several techniques used by the hackers to hack your account password, here I am going to share about 5 most common ways used by the hackers to crack your password and your personal information.

5 Possible Ways for the Hackers to Hack your Password:

1. KeyLoggers:

This is the common method used by the hackers to crack your account password, because it is the easiest method among all the techniques. This is actually a software that is already installed in your system memory, which will automatically run whenever the system starts. KeyLogger software will track the keystrokes while entering your Login details on the online sites. These Keystrokes are stored into a log file and then it is sent to the hacker through which the hacker can crack your password easily with the help of the keystrokes you entered. To overcome this problem, the online users are recommended to use Online virtual keyboard while typing password for sensitive sites.

2. RAT – Remote Administration Tool:

The abbreviation for RAT is a Remote Administration Tool. Using this hacking tool, a hacker can connect to your personal computer without getting your knowledge. Then the hacker can see what are the actions are performing by you in the system and the actions are noted and stored by the hacker with the help of the RAT. Adding to the features of the RAT, the hackers can access your personal computer and they can transfer any amount of files from your system to their system.

3. Phishing:

Phishing is the most popular method which help the hackers to get the victim’s personal account details. In this technique, first the attacker will send a duplicate or fake page which looks like a real website like Facebook, Gmail, etc., through a link to the victim. If any user login through that fake page by providing all the login details, then the account details can be easily cracked by the hacker. This fake or duplicate pages can be created easily and it can be hosted on free web-hosting sites.

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4. Trojan Horses:

Trojan Horses are nothing but a type of malware which will attack the system severely. It is mainly spread through some harmful sites. Most of the people will search for a free software instead of buying it in premium. This is the main advantage for the hackers to hack your account password easily by loading an additional hacking file with the free software that you are downloading. If a victim is downloading a free software from a harmful site, without his knowledge a hacking software is also will be downloaded in the background. It will be automatically installed in your personal computer and now the hacker can access your PC without your permission.

5. Guessing:

The Password of your account should be complexity, because it protects your account from guessing your password by the hackers. In your account password, if you use your name, surname, date of birth, phone number and any information which relates to you, then the hacker can easily guess your password. The only way for solving this problem is keeping your password strength, strong and complex with mixed characters and numbers. eg: mac1223dah43.