youtube mistakes to avoid

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     YouTube is the leading, most well-known video sharing website in online and it is one of the best money making platform for the independent video creators. People can make money through YouTube along with the Google Adsense advertising program. There are lots of similar video uploading sites like Dailymotion, Vimeo, MetaCafe, etc., are also allows users to monetize their videos. But among all of them YouTube is the highest paying platform, so that’s only YouTube is the first preference for the most of the video creators. Creating a new YouTube account is an easy process, but growing a Channel is little bit difficult, so that’s only not every YouTuber can be successful. Here i am sharing the top 10 common YouTube mistakes that every YouTuber need to avoid in order to get success. If you are serious about growing your YouTube channel to the next level, then follow the guidance below.

Top 10 Common YouTube Mistakes to Avoid:

1. Don’t Be a Copycat:

This is the major mistake made by most of the YouTubers, especially newbies. Copying someone’s videos on YouTube is an illegal offense, once YouTube will find that your channel have copied contents, then there is a huge possibility to ban your entire channel permanently. So always create and upload new videos with your own contents. 

2. Poor Video Quality:

Avoid low quality videos and always try to provide high quality videos to your readers. Because now we are living in a highly digital world and most of the people loves to watch high definition videos, so upload minimum 720p HD videos on your channel. For making the HD videos you don’t need to buy the most expensive video cameras, there are lots of low budget camcorders are available in the market, so choose a simple one. Even many high end smartphones come with the high quality camera feature in these days, so that’s just enough for beginners. And always use proper lighting for better videos.

3. Irregular Updates:

Uploading videos at a regular interval allow your channel to stay active on YouTube and it helps to give a better experience to your subscribers. In addition to that it will increase the number of video views & subscribers for your channel. So first make a posting schedule for your channel and try to follow it, if you can’t follow it, then try to upload at least 2 videos for a week. Surely it will give better results for you. If you fail to upload videos frequently then you can’t be successful.

4. Not Asking Viewers to Subscribe:

Subscribers are the real assets of a YouTube channel, so always try to get more subscribers to your channel. If viewers like your video then surely they will subscribe your channel in order to receive the future updates. So encourage people to subscribe to your YouTube account by way of just asking them at the end of your video, displaying subscribe button on your videos. 

5. Not Making Short Videos:

While making your every video, keep in your mind that the video should be a short and sweet. Because people love to watch short video clips and the best video length on YouTube is between 3 – 4 minutes. But making a video for less than 5 minutes is not possible for everyone at every time. So avoid long length videos and try to make videos short as possible. 

6. Not Taking Advantage of Annotations:

If you wish to grow your YouTube channel rapidly, then you should not avoid YouTube Annotations feature. Annotations are the customizable, useful tools that help to boost engagement with viewers, by way of displaying little pop-ups, Notes to your videos. Through these Annotations, you can display your video suggestions, playlists link, Subscribe link, etc., But don’t use too many Annotations in a single video, it takes viewers away from your video very soon.

7. Videos with Bad Editing:

When it comes to making a quality video, better editing is much essential one. If your YouTube videos look like a poorly edited videos then no one wants to watch your videos again and no one wish to subscribe your channel for receiving future updates. If you want to become a popular YouTuber then you should have a better video editing skills. There are lots of free & premium video editing software are available in online so start to learn yourself. 

Notes: While editing a video don’t forget to add Subtitles, Effects, Watermark, etc., 

8. Not Optimizing Your Videos:

YouTube is also a search engine like Google, so if you want your videos to rank higher on YouTube search results, then you should optimize your videos with keywords relevant Title and Description. And don’t forget to use Tags. Always try to upload your videos with an impressive title, the maximum length of a video title is 70 characters. In the description field, describe your video in short and sweet, and don’t add additional tags in this field. In the Tags section, add reasonable no. of tags that relevant to your video. 

9. Not Interacting with Your Audience:

As a YouTuber, you can’t grow your subscriber list by just uploading videos only. You should build a strong audience base for your channel, so you should interact with your viewers often by way of responding to the comments. Once you started to receive the comments, try to reply to the most of the commenters and clear their doubts. If you do this properly, then surely they will suggest your channel to others, so your channel will grow automatically. Always delete negative & spam comments immediately.   

10. Not Utilizing the Social Networks:

Don’t underestimate the power of Social Networking sites, because through Social Media you can share your content among a wide range of audience in a short period of time. So have a separate account for your YouTube channel on the popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., and try to be active. If one of your video has gone viral on any of these sites, then it is possible to get tons of tons views in a single day. 

Conclusion: These are the Top 10 common mistakes that every YouTuber should avoid. Follow these guidance regularly, then you will be a YouTube superstar on one day.