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     The most popular mobile operating system is Android in these days, which is running on most of the Smartphones and Tablets. Sadly the Android users facing a prominent issue that the Battery backup is very low, because the Smartphone comes with various animations, and extra features which will suck the battery life faster. This issue makes the Android users to charge the battery frequently, which will the cause the batteries drain very quickly. In point of fact, Android users would be very happy if the Battery life extends to a single day. Batteries are expanding bigger every year and at the same time, the Screen size of the devices is also getting bigger which will need a high power battery without any doubt. So here I am going to suggest some steps to maintain the battery life of an Android device. By following these steps, the Android users can increase the Battery’s life which leads to access the device little bit longer.

Tips to Increase the Battery life of an Android device:

1. Battery Saving Mode:

If your device comes with the Battery or Power saving mode as a default option, then turn ON the saver mode in order to save the battery’s life. This mode helps to stop all the unwanted apps running in the background and it will restrict some unnecessary apps to access which will drain your power quickly. Most recently, the devices have come with the Power Saver mode that will turn ON automatically when the Battery reaches a particular limit. The limits which are assigned to turn ON the Power Saver mode may vary according to the Android versions.

2. Power Management Application:

The power of a battery can be managed by a Third party application for both smartphones and Tablet devices. There are lots of applications like “Battery Doctor” officially available in play Store for saving the Battery power by monitoring the apps consuming the power which is useful to the users to identify the unwanted apps that are consuming the Battery power. This third party application will automatically turn ON the Saver mode whenever the battery reaches the critical stage. It automatically analyses that what are the apps was not used for a long duration and it will remind you to uninstall the app which will extend your Battery life.

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3. Adjust the Brightness:

Basically an Android device comes with a feature that the users can adjust the brightness level in order to visible clearly in various surroundings. To increase the Battery’s life, the user should reduce the brightness level and the user should turn OFF the automatic brightness which will almost drain your battery into empty. You should access the “Screen Time Out” by choosing between low time duration, that will help to save a considerable amount of Power.

4. Update your Apps:

Generally Applications which are not getting updated will consume more power, to overcome this issue your apps should be updated whenever the update is shown. By updating the Apps on your device, you can also save some amount of battery power. As a user, you can update all your apps on Google Play Store.

5. Remove Unnecessary Widgets:

Most of the Android users loves to keep more widgets on the home screen and live wallpapers, but nobody knows that it is one of the main factor which sucks the battery’s power. Generally Widgets are used to access the apps through shortcuts, instead of using it the user should access the Applications directly without using any shortcuts.


As an Android user, I have been following the above mentioned tips to improve the Battery performance on my device. If you follow the above guidance, then you can also experience the good results on your device. Share your thoughts about the article in the below Comment box.