free wordpress security plugins     WordPress is the most recommended free Blogging platform on the web, which is used by millions of blog/website owners. As a blogger, we always want to improve our blog’s traffic and popularity in order to increase the revenue, so we keep our focus on “How Many Ways to Make Money Through our Blog“. But most of the time, we didn’t consider about the security of our Blog, because of this issue there are thousands of WordPress blogs are affected by malware & hacked by the Hackers each day. Preventing their WordPress blog from hackers & spammers, is a responsibility for every blog owner. Because a Blog is a most valuable thing for most of the Bloggers, especially who does Blogging as their profession. Now if you wish to take care of the security of your blog, then you can do it by just using certain free WordPress plugins on your blog. Here i have mentioned some useful free Plugins which helps you to protect your blog from hacking & spamming activities. 

WordPress Plugins to Secure your WordPress Blog:

1. Akismet:

akismet spam filter plugin

Akismet is one of the most popular and most useful free WordPress plugin, that helps you to filter spam comments on your WordPress blog. Every well known WordPress blogs are receiving hundreds of comments frequently, most of them are useless/spam, some of them are useful. Spam comments are the comments, which is posted by the spambots/spammers in order to building Backlinks. Spam comments may harm your blog, so don’t approve these comments and trash it completely. Always approve the valuable comments which are posted by your blog’s readers manually. But it is very difficult to differentiate useful comments & spam comments and deleting a huge list of comments often is not an easy task. So that’s only you have to use Akismet plugin, which filter & delete all the spam comments on your blog, and it shows the valuable comments to you for the moderation purpose.

2. iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security):

itheme wp security plugin

iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security) is an another reliable WordPress security plugin, which allows you to secure your entire WordPress Blog/Site from hackers and malware in 30+ strong ways. This tool is fully maintained & supported by iThemes, which is one of the leading Premium WordPress Theme providers on the market. As a user you can fix common security holes, stop hacking attacks and strengthen user login details with the one-click installation. Often it scans your whole blog and gives you a perfect report about the safety of your blog. It comes with both free and pro versions, premium version provides some more advanced features than the free version.

3. BulletProof Security:

bulletproof security plugin

BulletProof Security is an another ultimate WordPress plugin that takes care of the security of your Blog completely. It is very easy to use, so you can install it with a single click and no any other configuration is required. It works like a Bullet Proof for your Blog by way of providing different types of securities such as, database security, login security, firewall security etc., in order to protect from the hackers. The most important feature of this tool is that the Htaccess security filter, which is specially designed to match malicious and nuisance attack patterns. The basic version is completely free to use and if you feel that your valuable blog needs some additional protection, then choose the pro version. 

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4. Login LockDown:

wp security plugin

Login LockDown is an effective WordPress plugin that fights against the hacking attempts on your blog. It is completely free to use, so just install this plugin and then relax, it will start to monitor your blog automatically. If anybody tries to login your WordPress blog for many times in a short period of time, it will block the I.P. from the further login attempts for the next few hours. And it will send the reports about the failed login attempts as notifications to the admin of the blog. 

5. Google Authenticator:

If you want to provide high end security to your WordPress blog/site, then you should use a 2-Step Verification plugin. There are lots of free two-factor authentication plugins are available in online, but here I suggest you the best plugin called “Google Authenticator”. This plugin works through it’s Google Authenticator app, which will run on the popular mobile OS like Android, iPhone, Blackberry, etc., After installing this plugin, it sends a unique auto generated code to your mobile, whenever you entered your login details on your Blog. It can be login only if you enter the correct verification code which is received on your mobile.  If you don’t enter the correct code, then you can’t able to login, even you entered the correct ID & Password.