online banking security     Basically Banking system will always be protective and prevented from any illegal activities, which will make the customers to experience secure banking. Nowadays, most of the people prefer online banking to make their transactions fast as can without moving out anywhere. Online Banking is an excellent scheme, which is very useful for the customers to make their transactions anywhere and anytime. But most of them do not know that how to maintain their account securely and to prevent from any illegal transactions from anyone by tracing your password or by hacking your account. People using e-Banking for their proceedings should have some awareness about the security procedures to be handled while maintaining their account. If they handle their Online Banking account properly and securely by following some security tips, then their account will be safe from the hackers. Here I came to suggest some security tips to be followed in maintaining your Online Banking account safely.

5 Important Online Banking Security Tips:

1. Use Two Factor Authentication:

Two Factor Authentication is nothing but the process of verifying the user’s Identity by sending a unique Passcode to the user, which will be expired after a short time of period. These Passcodes will be sent to the users through mobile whenever the user wants to transfers the money with the help of e-Banking. The Passcodes are constantly changed and it is dynamically generated for the security purpose. It is the safest method to secure your account which has the option to set the maximum number of wrong entries which will prevent accessing your accounts from unauthorized person.

2. Always use Strong Password:

Always use a strong password for your Online Banking Login, which will protect your account from unauthorized person who will try to trace your password in order to hack your account. You can create a strong password by using mixed letters like Lower case, upper case, numbers and special characters. Avoid using any personal information because it will be easy to guess your password by any unauthorized person. Don’t share your password to untrustworthy person who can steal your account. Keep changing your password after a short period of time in order to protect your account.

3. Keep your Computer Updated and Secure:

Its must to keep your Computer updated and it should be protected by internet Security in order to prevent your system from viruses, malwares, spywares, etc. Make sure that you have turned on a firewall which protects your system from Trojans and Keyloggers by restrict them that not to access your secret data. You should not allow any unauthorized person to access your Computer which will end in a danger.

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4. Avoid Visiting Unknown Sites:

While browsing on the web in your Computer, avoid clicking or opening any unknown link which will lead to hacking your computer by hackers. This should be protected by ignoring all the unknown link and avoid giving your account number to an unauthorized person. If you signed up in an unknown or any harmful site, then there is a chance to steal all your login records and they can access your account without your knowledge.

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5. Maintain your Account regularly:

Your account should be maintained regularly in order to know about the latest updates about your account details. Connect your mobile number with your account, through which you can receive transaction reports from the Bank. If the Bank reports any problem in your account, don’t hesitate to contact the bank branch. If you are going to make online payment on a site, then make sure that the site has a encrypted URL protection (Https).