get rid of candy crush addiction     One of the most serious problem handle by this Digital era is that Video Game addiction, because millions of people addicted to various video games. Kids, teens, adults and even older people also have become hooked on video games, as a result of these kind of addiction, people will affected by both physical & mentally. Tons of addictive video games have played by the gamers around the world till now, but in the past few years a game called “Candy Crush” got Indiscriminately addicted by the gamers. Candy Crush is a match-three puzzle based colorful video game that can be played on both smartphones & PC’s. According to a recent report, Candy Crush is played by over 100 million people every day, that means people who are addicted by this game has been increasing day by day. You may be the one of the people that i mentioned above and if you want to stop the addiction of Candy Crush, then you can follow the following guidance.

Symptoms of Candy Crush Game Addiction:

  • Often playing this game whenever you became free from work.
  • Seriously waiting for new lives whenever you are running out of life.
  • Colourful candies will appear on your real life every time you think about it, even in your nightmare.
  • Frequently inviting friends for a new life.
  • Switch to many devices in order to get fresh lives.
  • Trying to learn Candy Crush life cheats.
  • Always interested to share your scores with your friends online.
  • Getting stress & anger whenever you can’t play this game often.

Tips to Stop the Candy Crush Addiction:

1. Uninstall the Game:

At very first Candy Crush was released only for Facebook users, but after getting the amazing response from the users it was launched for various kinds of mobile platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Now it is available for almost all mobile & tablet platforms, so that’s only people can able to play this game anywhere, anytime. If you are one of the people who wants to stop to play that game, uninstall the game from your mobile device immediately. After uninstalled the game you should not think about it and try to keep your mind out of it.

2. Stop Notifications on Facebook:

As i said earlier, Candy Crush was first launched on Facebook. Even though it is available for mobile devices, a huge list of people are wishing to play it on Facebook through a PC. Because while playing the game on your PC, it gives a larger display and awesome visuals than the other devices. If you want to avoid playing the Candy Crush on Facebook, then block Candy Crush request notifications from your Facebook friends. Because whenever you enters into the Facebook your notification bar will be filled with the game requests, so it will attract your mind to play this game immediately. Once you entered into the game you can’t able to come out easily from it. 

Tips – How to Block Candy Crush Notifications on Facebook.

3. Delete the App:

This is one of the finest ways to avoid Candy Crush addiction by simply deleting the App from your Facebook account. By following this idea you can get rid of this game completely. Follow the following steps to delete the Candy Crush App from your Fb profile.

  • First login into your Facebook Account.
  • Go to the “Settings” page.
  • Click the “Apps Tab” on the lift side.
  • Find the Candy Crush App and click the “Remove” button.

That’s it now you are completely free from Candy Crush game addiction.