laptop into wifi hotspot     Nowadays people are moving rapidly from wired networks to wireless networks for their comfortable usage of the internet from anywhere. Wireless Networks reduces the man power, it doesn’t need any wire connection in order to access the Internet. When it comes to the Wireless Networking, WiFi(Wireless Fidelity) is the latest technology which is used to communicate with one another through wireless internet with the help of computer, smartphones and other devices. Many devices comes with Wireless adapter as an inbuilt feature such as Smart TV, Smartphones, Laptops, etc., These devices can access WiFi network only with the help of the Hotspot devices. But laptop can be turn into a WiFi hotspot which helps to access Wireless network by various electronic devices. Here we provide some easy steps to turn your laptop into a WiFi hotspot. The steps are follows :-

At first you have to check whether you have a laptop or computer with wireless adapter, because some laptops couldn’t have wireless adapter for wireless internet connection. You can have either wired or wireless internet connection to access the Wi-Fi network. If you use this feature on Windows 7 & 8, then you can get the better results.

How to Turn Your Laptop into a Wi-Fi Hotspot:

Step: 1

First you should connect your Laptop with wired/wireless internet connection and check whether it is connected or not by gently click on the internet access icon. Then a window will appear which shows that your Laptop connected to various networks.

wireless network

Step: 2 

To enable this feature you have to install a Software to interface with the network. There are lots of free software available on the internet to create a Wi-Fi hotspot. Here i mentioned a Reliable software named “Virtual Router” which helps to finish this task with a single click and also it is completely free to use. 

free virtual Router software

Click here to Download Virtual Router Software.

Step: 3

After the installation process kindly open the Application and a “Dialog box” will appear as shown as below.


In that Dialog box, you can see a Form with details. Through the form you can set the Wi-Fi Network Name & Password yourself and it can be changed any time easily by opening Virtual Router Manager.

create wifi hotspot

Always set the Password strong & difficult for your WiFi hotspot, so that you can save your Internet Data from Wi-Fi hackers. 

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Step: 4

After filling the details click “Start Virtual Router” button, then your Laptop will be turned into a Wi-Fi hotspot. 


You can notice that the virtual router is connected & running properly by viewing an Icon on the task bar as shown as above. Now you can start to enjoy the free wireless Internet on your Smartphones, PC, Smart TVs, etc.,


The Virtual Router Manager helps you to know about, what are the devices are currently connected to your Virtual WiFi hotspot.


This Free Hotspot method is a very easy process to convert your Laptop as a Wi-Fi Hotspot and it will helps you to share your Internet data to other peoples through Wi-Fi securely with password protection. You can save considerable amount of money by using this low cost hotspot method in your Laptop instead of buying a Wi-Fi modem. There is an another method to enable this feature in your Notebook computer by using Command Prompt which will be posted in this Blog soon.