how to speed up your pcNowadays Computer has become a much essential device for everyone to do their works easy and better. So people learned to access the computer for their time consuming work, but most of them didn’t know that how to maintain the computer properly. Proper maintenance helps to speed up the PC without any hanging, which will improve the performance of your computer, so we don’t need to get tense or mood-out to recover it to the normal mode. The processing speed of the computer depends on various factors like storage of lots of temporary files, regular updates of the Anti-virus and such other softwares, limited number of Applications. Basically people have a habit of storing large number of files like Photos, Videos & Audios in their PC which helps to recall their memories for a long time. But storing this kind of files in a large numbers can cause a significant decrease in your computer performance. Here i have listed some simple tips which leads to improve the speed & performance of your PC. If you follow these tips regularly(weekly once) then your PC will works smoothly.

Tips to Improve the Speed & Performance of Your PC:

Disable Unwanted Startup Applications :

Startup applications is nothing but the applications which will run on background automatically, when your computer is get started. Sometimes unwanted applications will run on the background of your PC, which will slow up the processing speed of your PC. To disable these unwanted startup applications, follow the steps below :

1) Open Run command box by pressing WIN + R and then type “msconfig” in the box.11

2) On the “System configuration” dialog box, click on the “startup” tab.


3) It shows the applications running on the background of your PC, Disable the unwanted applications which you dont need to be run on the background.

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Uninstalling unwanted programs :

1) Click on Start -> Control Panel -> Programs -> Programs and Features.


2) Now you can Uninstall some unwanted programs which will increase the efficiency of your PC.

Using Disk Cleanup :

1) The easiest method to open Disk Cleanup is to press “WIN” key and type “Disk Cleanup” in the search box and press “ENTER” key.


2) A disk cleanup dialog box will appears, select the drive which you wish to cleanup.


3) You can cleanup some unwanted files like downloaded program files, temporary internet files, files in the recycle bin, temporary files etc. This process will leads to freeing your diskspace, so you can store more files on your PC.

Using Disk Defragmenter :

1) The shortcut way to open Disk Defragmenter is to press “WIN” key and type “Disk Defragmenter” in the search box and press “ENTER” key.

2) A disk defragmenter dialog box will appears, select the drives and click on “analyse disks“.


3) After finishing the analyzing process, click on “optimize” to defragment the unnecessary files stored inside the disks.

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Maintain Antivirus:

Antivirus is a software which works like a soldier to protect our computer from various dangers such as virus, spyware, malware, rootkits, trojans and hackers. There are lots of Antivirus softwares are available for both Premium and free versions. Avast, Avira, AVG, Kaspersky, K7, McAfee are the few examples of the popular Antivirus software in the market. These softwares not only helps to protect your computer data and also it helps to protect our Online financial transactions & login datas, as well as it blocks some malicious websites.

  • You should update your antivirus regularly.
  • Scan your whole computer with the help of the Antivirus monthly once.
  • Make sure that the external memory devices inserted are scanned and allowed for access by the antivirus.
  • Always choose premium antivirus software instead of using free versions.