twitter unfollowers tool

Image Credit – Rosaura Ochoa

Undoubtedly Twitter is an Extraordinary Social Networking Platform where the people are able to express their opinions, views, talents, interests among their friends, family members, colleagues, by just sharing Contents, Images, Videos, etc., Since it’s founding, Twitter has been dominated by Celebrities, Politicians and such other most influential public figures, even Marketing Professionals also choose Twitter for their better Social Media Marketing Campaign. Because using Twitter is possible to reach a product/service to a wide range of audience in a short period of time.

When it comes to the connections in twitter you should know that how to manage the followers list in your account, because everyday certain number of the followers may be increased or decreased in our profile. So it is necessary to cleanup your profile regularly, that means try to Un-follow the non-followers who adds no value to your profile.

Finding Un-followers by searching manually is a little bit difficult task as well as a time consuming task, so here i have listed Top 5 Free tools which helps to track the Un-followers quickly.

Free Tools to Track Unfollowers on Your Twitter profile:


manage flitter

Manageflitter is an ultimate free tool which helps to manage your twitter profile perfectly and it has over 6,00,000 users worldwide. For using this tool first you should sign up with your Twitter account and also you should agree to access the authorized app from Manageflitter then now you are ready to use this one. As a user of this tool you can do the following tasks like Sort your followers & following lists in different types, find new twitter followers by your interest, filter your followers and unfollowers profile by categories, find out which time is best for tweeting, and so on. And also you can get additional features by upgrade your account to a paid version. 


find unfollowers on twitter is an another free web service which allows users to manage multiple twitter profiles by just sign in with their twitter account. By using this tool you can monitor your followers/following list easily and also you can get Email notifications whenever people has unfollowed you, so it is possible to track the unfollowers on your profile immediately. Because of these features there are millions of twitter users has been choosing


followerfilter free twitter unfollower tool

Followerfilter is an another important free tool and it comes with a collections of premium features, which guides you to manage your twitter profile. By using this service you are able to do different kind of tasks such as you can search the people on twitter without logging in, you can find & delete the people who Unfollow you recently, you can filter the Unfollowers list based on several things(Account without Profile picture, last activity, Influence).


crowdfire tool for twitter

 Justunfollow is a popular free web service for tracking the unfollowers/following list on a twitter account, and now it rebrands to Crowdfire. As a user of this to you are able to find the recent unfollowers and followers, check the relationship of any two twitter account, search the followers based on keywords, and also you can follow the bulk list of people on your competitor’s profile. In addition to that, you can also mange your Instagram profile by using this tool in your smartphone as an Application.


tools to track twitter followers


BufferApp is a popular free tool which was designed for the people who wants to dominate the Social Media sites  especially Twitter. With the helps of this tool you can find the unfollowers quickly, you can make schedule for your tweets, find the best time for tweeting, and search the people related to your interests. Even you can manage your multiple social media profiles in a single login and also you it offers free browser extensions for it’s users.