WhatsApp voice call activationWe all know that WhatsApp is the most popular and easiest Messaging Application for mobile devices. They provides ultimate features and also they frequently update plenty of features for their users, which makes messaging better and easier. Recently WhatsApp has added the most anticipated free voice calling feature for Android users with the Whatsapp version – 2.11.508, this version available on both Google Play Store and WhatsApp official website. By using this feature Android users can communicate between themselves through voice call without any cost. To unlock the voice call feature you should receive a WhatsApp voice call from anybody who had already activated this feature, after this process it will be updated automatically. This is a beta version for testing purpose. Even though there is no any official announcement came from the WhatsApp team, most of the android users has been using this awesome voice call feature for the past weeks. Here is a simple guide to activate WhatsApp voice calling feature for Android devices.

At the very beginning Pradnesh Patil, an Indian Reddit user who posted a status about the “WhatsApp voice call feature” along with certain screenshots. After his statement people started to exploring this new feature on their handsets to experience it. As we have heard, this features works only on Android devices and it didn’t work properly on iOS & Windows mobiles respectively, But we can expect that this feature will be available on all platforms soon. 

Requirements for Activating Voice Call:

  • Android OS version 2.1 or above.
  • Internet Data connection.
  • Tablet devices are not supported.

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How to Activate Voice Call Feature: 

  • After the updation process you need to receive a WhatsApp voice call from a person who had already activated this feature.

whatsapp voice calling feature

  • After you received the call “WhatsApp Voice Call” feature will be activated automatically in your device and your WhatsApp interface will contains three tabs – Calls, Chats and Contacts.

whatsapp voice call


enable whatsapp voice call

  • If you can see the above three tabs then the voice calling has been activated successfully.
  • Now you can enjoy the free WhatsApp voice call and also you can invite your friends in your contacts by following the same procedure.

My Story:

Basically i am a Gadget addict, Recently i had Bought Moto E (2nd Generation) which runs on Android version 5.0.2 LolliPop and one of my Friend owns Redmi 2 which runs on Android version 4.4 KitKat. Last week i just heared about the WhatsApp voice call and I wish to experience it so i request my friend to invite me to activate the voice call by calling through WhatsApp. After i received the voice call, WhatsApp voice call was automatically activated and i am enjoying this feature with my friends and family members.

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As far as i am concerned this is a much needed feature for everyone, because in these days most of the people have an Android smartphone with the internet data connection. So it is easier to communicate with the people all around the world without any cost. Even though Voice calling feature are already available on plenty of applications like Viber, Skype, Hike, Line etc. But this is a must awaited feature for the WhatsApp users, so surely it will get a huge success among the WhatsApp users.

If you have any problem while activating WhatsApp voice call feature then leave a comment below.