speed up google chrome    Web browsers are the most essential tool, which helps to connect the internet. There are lots of free web browsers are available in online, among all the products Google Chrome is the most popular browser in the world and it was developed by the internet giant Google. Chrome is popular for it’s User Friendly features, as a user you can get fast, simple & secure browsing experience while using internet. Even it’s known as the fastest browser, sometimes we face slow browsing experience especially while uploading & downloading files, we should agree it. The speed of browsing is based on certain factors like performance of computer, speed of bandwidth, etc., but we can boost up our browsing speed by doing some manual tricks on browser. Below i have explained some useful tricks which helps to speed up your browsing experience on Google Chrome.

How to Speed-Up Google Chrome Browser:

1. Disable Unnecessary Extensions:

Extensions are the most useful tool in the Google chrome browser, it helps you to reduce your work and save your time while browsing. Generally extensions works like notification buttons, for example if you want to check some sports reports frequently, then install any sports extension it will display notifications on the top of your browser. You don’t need to go any websites frequently for updates, so it is possible to get results in between your work.

Chrome offers thousands of extensions in different categories through it’s “Chrome Web Store”, as a user anybody can use any of the extensions without cost, yes it’s completely free. But using too many extensions will reduce your browsing speed, so install necessary extensions only. For example i am a blogger so i use certain extensions which is related to blogging like Alexa Traffic Rank, SEO Status, etc.,
Follow the following steps to disable unnecessary extensions:

  • Click the settings button on the top right corner.

chrome extensions

  • Then select “Extensions” under the “Tools” option.

how to delete extensions

  • To Disable a particular extension, click the enabled check box. Click the disabled check box again for enable an Extension. 
  • If you want to delete an Extension completely then use “Trash” icon, then it will be removed.

2. Disable Unnecessary Plugins:

Many people think that both plugins and extensions are same, Are both the same? certainly not. Extensions are the additional(not compulsory) tools which helps to make our browsing better, so you can do your browsing without using any extensions. But Plugins are the much needed tools for our browsing, for example if you want to view videos on web then you should have “Adobe Flash Player” plugin. And “Java” is an another most important plugin which should need for viewing web pages. When you install the chrome browser, by default few unnecessary plugins are automatically installed, so if you want to boost your browser speed then find the unwanted plugins and remove it immediately.
Steps to Remove the Unnecessary Plugins:

  • First type “about:plugins” [without quotes] in the address bar, then the plugins page will be opened.

how to disable chrome plugins


  • To disable a particular plugin click “Disable” link. 
  • If you want to enable it again then click “Enable” link. 

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3. Clear your Browsing Data:

Clearing all the browsing data can help to increase the performance of chrome? yes definitely. Browsing data includes history, cache, cookies, it’s major work is to collect your previous browsing details and save all the files in a single folder. Browsing data helps you to visit the already visited web pages in a very short time. When you install chrome for first time you can get high speed browsing, after sometimes it will loss it’s speed step by step because of having large number of browsing data. Delete your browsing history frequently for increasing the performance of your chrome.

  • Click the settings menu in the top right side then select the “History” option.
  • Click “Clear Browsing Data“.

how to delete history in chrome


  • Now select all the check box and finally click “Clear Browsing Data” button. That’s it your browsing history will be deleted completely.

4. Use Incognito Window:

Incognito Window is one of the amazing feature from Google Chrome browser and it is also called as private/secure mode. Incognito is a kind of new window which helps you to make history-less browsing experience, that means if you are browsing through this window then chrome will never store any your browsing history. And the caches & cookies, which was created during your browing will be deleted automatically when you close the browser. So your browser performance is surely increasing while using Incognito window feature and also it helps you to use two similar web accounts simultaneously.
For open the “Incognito Browser” click the “settings” button on the top right side of chrome then select “New Incognito Window” now automatically the incognito mode will be opened.

And the shortcut is – Ctrl+Shift+N


Conclusion: By following the above tips, anybody can boost up the speed & performance of the Google chrome browser. Share this article with your friends in online using the below social sharing buttons and also you can share your thoughts in below the comment box.