make money online in india     As an Indian we always interested to earn money, because we have a strong saving habits. It is our nature to save money / property for our future generations and it’s a “Traditional Habit” of our country. According to a news “Saving habits of Indians helped country during certain global crisis”. Not only for our future, savings can help to deal the unexpected expenses, so that’s only i say, saving is necessary for everyone. When it comes to the savings we needs to earn some extra money or we should reduce our expenses. As far as i am concerned that reducing expenses is quite difficult for us in these days, because our needs are increased and the “Cost of Living” is also has been increasing day by day. So we have to choose the concept of “extra money making”, if you want to earn some additional money in your free time then internet is a best source for you. There are lots of money making methods are available in online but here i have listed 7 best ways which helps you to earn money with any investments.

10 Ways to make money online without investment in India:

1. Articles Writing:

make money in online article writing

Writing articles are the ultimate method to earn money in online, generally i recommend this idea to people who wants to earn money without investments. There are huge demand for the content writers all around the world especially on internet, if you have a quality writing skill then you can change yourself as an article writer.

Paid Author:

Many webmasters(website administrator) are ready to pay handsome money to a qualified writers for writing wonderful articles for their sites, probably maximum of the webmasters have no time to update or some of them may don’t have a writing skills. Whatever it is, you can go ahead, because it is a chance for you. So first find certain popular/growing blogs & websites on internet, then ask their permission to join as a paid author and start your earnings.

Product Review:

 Nowadays maximum companies are interested to marketing their products/services in online, because they wants to reach their products to the global audience and increase the turnover. They need article writers to write brief articles about their product/service, if you are ready to review their product then you will get paid, and also you can earn additional money by way of promoting the contents in online. Hundreds of article sites are available in online like, find a perfect one for you.

2. Affiliate Marketing:


Affiliate Marketing is one of the best investment-less money making idea in online, it is a first preference for every bloggers because they have a huge level of audience so they can make huge money easily. But anybody can earn money through this program without having any blog/website, so don’t worry. Affiliate marketing is a way to promote a product/service to others in online, if anybody buy a product via your promotion then you will get paid in the commission basis.

E-mail id, PayPal Account, Social Networking profiles are the must needed things. First you should join an Affiliate Program which is suitable for you, for example lots of popular online shopping sites, web-hosting sites are offering these programs, so join on certain programs. Then start to refer others in online through mail, social networking sites. The commission in affiliate marketing is depends on the products & number of sales, if you want to earn more then sell more you can and read this article – 5 Best Tips to Earn More Money in Online Affiliate Marketing.

3. Data Entry:

online data entry jobs without investment

Data Entry is my favorite money making job in online, because before i started blogging(3 years back) i depended on these kind of jobs for few months and i have earned little money, but it gave me a confidence and i felt that “I can also make money through Online”. Compared with the other Online money making jobs, you can’t earn lump sum of money in the data entry jobs in a short period of time, but as a beginner it is a helpful job for you. Fast & accurate typing skills, basic computer skills and English skills are the investments for these jobs. There are certain number of jobs are comes under the data entry jobs such as form filling, article typing, captcha typing, converting a image to text, etc., 

4. Blogging:


In the recent years blogging has gotten an ultimate growth in online as well as it becomes the most profitable money making method on internet. Every year webmasters has been earning millions of dollars through blogging in world wide. It is all about self-hosted WordPress blogs and we can’t listed here under the category of “investment-less money making ideas” because it needs certain dollars(Minimum $50) to start and maintain. Don’t worry you can start a blog in such a free blogging platform like, it is completely free. Using blogger blog you are not able to reach a top growth, but you can learn basic about blogging through blogger, after you have learned blogging then you can start a WordPress blog for making money.

5. YouTube:

top 10 uses of youtube

Are you a person with creative knowledge? or Do you have a Digital camera or a high-end smartphone? or Is videography is your hobby? if the answer is yes, then YouTube is a right place for you. YouTube is a largest video sharing site in online and here you can make money by uploading videos. As a Youtuber you need a digital camera(even a smartphone camera can do a magic) and if you have a video editing skills(additional requirement) then it is awesome, that’s it no any other investments are required.

First realize your talents and skills then make some unique videos which shows your talents, for example if know some magic tricks then make video about it or if you have a “sense of humor” then make funny videos, our world will love it. Then upload videos on your YouTube channel frequently. Once your videos get a huge audience response then start to make money using Google Adsense

6. Url Shortening Service:

how to make money by shortening urls Url Shortening Service is one of the easiest way to earn money in online, because it did’t need any technical skills at the same time you are able to make money without any investments. The actual work is you need to compress a long size URL into a small size URL then you need to promote the compressed URL through Social networking sites, E-mails, blogs, etc., if anybody click the shortened URL’s it shows few seconds of advertisements then it will be redirected to the original URL. For this service you will get paid by the advertising company. There are lots of free URL shortening services are available in online like, tiny.url,, etc.,  but here i have suggested a best one for you, that is If you want to make money using then read this complete guide –Adfly: How to Earn Money by Shortening URLs – Without Websites.

7. Online Tutoring:

make money by teaching online

If you have a good education knowledge then you can make money through teach others in online. Through this method you are able to make handsome amount of money as well as you can improve your knowledge. You can teach English, Mathematics, Science, etc., not only educational subjects and also you can teach about marketing, magic, craft making, make up, etc., Whatever you know it is possible to teach it others in anytime anywhere through the internet then your students will pay you, for this kind of jobs free online video chatting programs like “skype” can help you lot.

8. Sell your Crafts:

make money by selling crafts online

Can i earn money through my Art & Craft skills, yes of course if you have a great craft, creative knowledge then you can turn your skills into a money in online. One of the friend of mine have a good craft making skills and also she is a talented drawing artist, at very first she made some cute paper quilling jewelries, one day she was shared the photos of her jewelries on the Facebook and it got huge response among their friends, after a few days some of the friends wants the jewelries like hers and they were willing to pay money. So my friend was started to sell their hand made craft items through online, now she is a professional craft maker. So this is a best earning method for craft makers. 

9. Facebook Fan Page:

facebook (fb) fan page or business page

Among the all social media Facebook is the most user friendly site which provides the amazing features to its users and it is possible to reach a news to over millions of peoples through Fb in just few hours. So that’s only companies always choose Facebook pages to promote their product & services. Have you understood? what i am trying to say. Yes money making through Fb pages is also a possible method in online. First you should create a new Facebook account, then create multiple Facebook Fan pages for different purpose. Then try to update all the pages frequently with some interesting information and wait for sometimes. Once one of your page will reached huge, you can start your earning by rent it to the advertisers.

10. Android Apps:

get paid to play android app for make money

In this technology world everybody have a mobile phone and maximum of them have an Android smartphone, if you are one of the person i have mentioned above then this paragraph is especially for you. Do you ever think that it is possible to earn money through your smartphone? yes as an Android user you can make money using certain free android applications and you won’t invest anything. There are lots of free apps are available in online like MintCoins, Tapporo, etc., In these apps you should done some tasks such as watching videos, clicking advertisements, inviting your fiends, registering websites, completing surveys, etc., in this investment-less earning method you can use your idle time for making handsome amount of money.


These are the top 10 online money making ideas for Indians and anybody can earn money using these methods without investments. If you feel this article helpful then share it with someone in online through the following social networking buttons. Thank you.