candy crush saga - Copy     Today Facebook has become the most entertaining social networking platform on the earth and over 1 billion people have joined the Facebook already. Us a user we never got tired while browsing the Facebook because watching the feeds of other users is the most desirable one for us. But it’s really annoying when we have seen lots of notifications after login our account, if some os the notifications are about your friend’s updates then we don’t get irritate. But if the maximum notification are came as a game invitations like Candy Crush Saga requests, then we can’t control our angry. Not only me & you, maximum of the Facebook users have been annoying because of these kind of unnecessary requests in Facebook.

Not only the Candy Crush Saga, there are hundreds of games and applications are available in Facebook, if you want to use any application or play any game through your profile, you have to agree the all the terms and conditions of those apps. After you have joined it may send some notifications to your friends without asking your permission. So that’s only we have got such unwanted notifications like this. One of the friend of mine have a Facebook account with over 1300+ friends and whenever he opened his account there are more than 100 useless notifications are waiting for his response. He asked me to give an idea to get rid of those notifications, so that’s only i have written this article.

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Why do we get Candy Crush Invites:

Candy Crush Saga is one of the most popular mobile game, a top game on Facebook and it was released by the developer If any user starts to play a new candy crush game on FB then the game provides 5 lives for them but 5 lives is not enough for playing that game for a long time so soon user will lose all the lives. In that stage a user can increase their lives and moves by way of sending invites to their Facebook friends, if any of the friend will accept that requests then the user can get extra lives. Can any game addicts avoid additional lives? so this is the major reason behind we get unlimited candy crush requests. At the same time, if you have activated the Facebook mobile notification then you will get all the notifications on your mobile, that means double headache. 

But don’t worry, you can easily stop those unnecessary notifications by follow the following steps. And i have explained two easy methods.

How to Stop Candy Crush Request on Facebook:

Method 1: Stop Candy Crush Saga Notifications

1. First go to the and login with your details.

2. Click the “Settings” option which is located top right side.

facebook 1

3. Select “Apps” option on the left side bar.

facebook 2

4. Now select the “Candy Crush Saga” game.

facebook 3

5. Now a popup window will be opened, select “Send you Notifications” and tick “No“.

facebook 4

6. Finally “Save” the settings. That’s it, you have it and you will not receive any candy crush request in the future. By using this method you can stop any apps related notifications which you feels irritating.


Method 2: Block Candy Crush Saga Requests

1. First “login” your Facebook account and go to the “setting” Page.

facebook 1

2. Now select “Blocking” on the left side bar.

facebook 2

3. Now go to “Block Apps” and type “Candy Crush Saga” on the box. They will be give some suggestion, select the correct app.

facebook 5

4. That’s it, you have blocked the candy crush app. You can get the confirmation by watching the “Unblock” status under the box.

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